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Before I enter bargain gift territory as Christmas seems to be fast approaching I thought I would do one last homeware eBay post - because I love doing them and I actually buy quite a bit for my home from eBay. In fact, I've already snapped up 4 items in this post already! 

So without further ado here are a few more homeware bargains perfect for an interior refresh...

Gold Foil Cushions £1.78 HERE 
If like me you have a ton of cushion inserts or just old cushions then eBay is a perfect place to shop for inexpensive cushion covers to give a whole new look to a chair, sofa or bed. These specific gold foil covers caught my eye in particular as they are just so lovely and also very cheap! Although there are over 10 different designs I decided to go with the above Van Gogh quote as not only do I like how it looks but it's a lovely quote that will look good on my bed. Fingers crossed the quality is good, if so I will be picking up quite a few more. Even if gold foil isn't your thing the listing also contains suggested listings to many other designs, even festive ones! 

Polka Dot Wall Sticks from £2.19 for 60 HERE  
I've mentioned these removable stickers before because I simply love the idea of them. Available in 19 colours and 6 different sizes these polka dot wall stickers will suit any room, from an office to a nursery and even as a feature wall. Particularly good if you rent and want to add a bit off interest to a wall or room!

Modern Wall Art (unframed) from £1.61 HERE & HERE
Last week I discovered some incredibly cheap art print in so really lovely print designs. I would normally air on the side of caution and buy just one to check the quality however for the price I decided to buy 3 prints - the above forest print 40x50cm for £2.46 HERE and the two plant illustration prints 30x40cm HERE. I haven't a clue what the quality will be like but for the price I had to snap them up. I will, of course, share them on here once they arrive!

White 5 Tier Ladder Shelves £25.99 HERE
Another quick way to refresh an interior is with ladder shelves. Ladder shelves are pretty popular right now and look good in all rooms, even the bathroom. I picked up my own ladder shelves from eBay for only £25.99 and couldn't be more pleased with them. Although tall the shelving unit takes up minimal space and can be styled in so many ways, from using it as a simple bookshelf to displaying ornaments and plants on it. Really pleased with this bargain eBay find!

Modern LED Glass Cloche Lamp £9.99 HERE
Perfect for this cosy time of year I find these LED cloche lamps pretty magical. With the option of warm LED's, this will give off a lovely glow creating a warm atmosphere either next to a bed or even in the living room. A good bargain here!

Wire Micro Fair Lights £2.95 HERE
However, for a similar effect, you can't beat these wire micro lights that can actually be seen wrapped around my ladder shelves, above. These battery operated fairy lights can be wrapped around pretty much anything due to being on a wire, in fact, I have a few sets for Christmas, displaying on shelves and even using as a blog prop.

English Letter Cushions A-Z £1.88 HERE 
Back to cushions with a lovely way to add more of a cosy and personal touch to an interior. Whether you want to pick up just your first initial or for everyone in your family or even spell out a word these look much more expensive than £1.88 each. Also, a really nice gift for someone you don't know too well or find hard to buy for.

Natural Wood Succulent Love Planter £1.89 HERE
Lastly, I had to include this cute planter that would be perfect for planting a few succulents in or even using as a storage box. Within the listing there are a few different wooden planters but this is by far my favourite and something I haven't seen anywhere else before. 

Let me know your favourite items here! 

I will make sure to share the cushion and art prints once delivered. 

Fee xo.

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