5 Budget Nail Polish for Autumn - Under £3

Whenever a change of season comes around I'm always on the lookout for new nail polish colours to add to my collection - but on a budget. 

Over time I've realised that 'budget' doesn't have to mean scrimping on quality, hence why this post is filled with nail polishes from my favourite more premium nail polish brands - Essie, Orly and Ciate. And in some gorgeous autumnal tones!

Read more for nail swatches along with where to find these 5 budget nail polishes perfect for fall... 

Left to right - Orly Flagstone Rush 99p HERE, Orly Close Your Eyes 99p HERE, Essie Leggy Legend £2.75 HERE, Ciate Oil Slick £1.50 HERE, Ciate Beach Hut £2.49 HERE 

First up I have to mention the two stunning Orly nail polish shades I managed to pick up for only 99p, which are still in stock! These are two perfect shades for autumn with 'Flagstone Rush' being a smooth and easy to apply muted red rush shade and 'Close Your Eyes' being an opaque metallic berry shade which I especially love as it's not so dark that it appears almost black on the nails, unlike a lot of deep berry shades I've used in the past. Both nail polishes are such high quality that I will be back for more especially as there are other shades I like. Quite a saving from the normal £9.50 price tag!

Next up is a nail polish I kept seeing on Pinterest with all their current autumn vibes and so I was very pleased to find it at only £2.75 HERE. I'm talking about Essie Leggy Legend, which is a past collection shade however it couldn't be more suited to this time of year if you ask me. Not only is it a rich metallic shade but it has the tiniest flecks of magenta shimmer running through it that doesn't alter the overall burnt copper colour but allows it to reflect the light perfectly. It also applies with such ease, gliding over the nails and only requiring two coats. A dream autumn nail polish colour! The listing also contains a few other autumn/winter shades such as Berry Naughty HERE, Cocoa Karma HERE and Starry Starry Night HERE.

I also picked up two delightful nail polishes from Ciate - a nail polish brand I go back to time and time again. First up I went for Ciate Oil Slick £1.50 HERE which is quite a unique colour and very much a dupe for Chanel Peridot Nail Colour... which as you can imagine comes with quite a price tag! This colour is described as a multi-chrome gold-green that looks different shades whenever you move your nails and in varying light conditions, often looking more green or more gold or even a mix of the two. A nail polish shade I'm sure will receive compliments and one I feel is best suited to this time of year.

I also picked up a summer shade from Ciate with Beach Hut £2.49 HERE that I truly think looks more of an autumnal shade! Unfortunately the full size is now out of stock, however, the 5ml mini size is still available for only £2.49 HERE. Similar to Essie Leggy Legend but lighter in tone and with a little more shimmer this is a shade that gives me full on Halloween vibes and I know I will be wearing this often towards the end of October and into November. Another stunning nail polish I'm pleased I picked up!

Lastly, I wanted to mention an absolute steal! The above Model Own Fireworks Nail Polishes for only £3.99... yes, 5 nail polishes for only £3.99 HERE! Working out at only 79p each (normally £5 each) these are just such a bargain that if I didn't already own them I would be snapping up, especially as Halloween & Bonfire Night will be here soon enough. Owning all of the shades in this budget Models Own bundle I can say they are all great glitter/confetti style top coats and look especially good over dark nails and even work for more festive Christmas nails.

Let me know your favourite autumnal nail polishes here - I'd love to know! 

Fee xo.
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