5 Budget Makeup Brushes You Didn't Know You Needed

When it comes to makeup brushes I'm well aware that not everyone wants a 'collection' but rather a small number of brushes that will do the job and be of use.

Though I'm the total opposite with over 40+ makeup brushes on my dressing table at any one time it does mean I'm able to recommend good individual brushes that are not only very affordable but good quality.

Below I have selected five makeup brushes I'd recommend to anyone that for the most part, bar the Spectrum brush, I have been using for years. I hope this can be of help to anyone wanting to pick up a few more brushes or is looking to update their stash!

Spectrum Feeling Fancy Small Fan Brush (Beauty Bay £5)
For the longest time I had in my mind that Spectrum brushes were on the more expensive side so I never really checked them out (budget makeup brush girl here through and through!). However, I then received this stunning fan brush for powder highlighter in a past Glossybox and couldn't believe the £5 RRP. So now I'm totally digging Spectrum and this brush especially! Aside from this being a thing of beauty it also fits the bill for dusting and blending highlighter over the cheekbones and is not only incredibly soft but is light on the skin as well, though it does apply product well. It's not often I come across pretty fan brushes that are just the right size so I had to include this one!  

Large Silver Powder Brush (eBay £2.54)
This is a makeup brush I've had in my collection for nearly 2 years and it's still going strong... and yes, it's from eBay! With the softest fibres that are densely packed yet light at the tips, this is one of my most favourite large brushes to apply loose setting powder with. In fact, it pretty much feels like a premium brush and still can't believe it was so cheap! Other colours including rose gold here although I think the silver finish with natural-looking fibres looks really good. I highly recommend this brush! 

Rose Gold Eye Shadow Blending Blush (eBay £1.29 - Size D)
Next, we have another stunning metallic finish brush, this time in rose gold. Again with natural looking bristles, this is a super soft brush that blends exceptionally well. So much so that I use this specific brush to blend out eyeshadow as it does such a good job, and another one to blend under eye concealer. I also really like the design of this brush and the others within the listing a not only do they look sleek with the pointed tips but the grip design ensures you are holding your brush correctly, although still with a light hand. If I could only recommend just one brush it would probably be this one. 

Rose Gold Small Fluffy Powder Brush (eBay £1.29 - Size E)
A slightly larger version of the above mentioned brush I still have to include it because it's the loveliest brushes for targeted powdering, be that swept over the T-zone, to set under eye concealer or to powder blemishes with. Especially good if you need to set areas of your makeup but don't want to look matte all over. Again, super soft and such a lovely looking brush that I use every time I apply makeup.  

Nars Dupe Blusher Brush (eBay £1.78)
Lastly, this brush recommendation post wouldn't be complete if I didn't mention this seriously cheap Nars dupe brush. Not only does it look the part but it's also a really lovely brush and isn't similar to anything else I have in my brush collection. Why is this so special? Although it picks up powder product well it applies it so delicately over the cheeks giving such a blended and natural finish. It's also a really nice shape giving more targeted application over other blusher brushes. It's also a brush that's stood the test of time and is still going strong after 2+ years. Such a gem find for under £2! 

Let me know which brush you like the look of most! 

Fee xo.

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