5 Thought-Provoking Documentaries and Movies Worth Watching on Netflix

Last month I signed up to Netflix (for the billionth time) so I could watch the latest season of Orange is the New Black. And as per usual I went and let it roll around to the next month instead of cancelling it. But for once I'm glad of my laziness as I've been discovering some amazing programmes of late. So much so I wanted to share them!

Fluffy isn't really my thing when it comes to documentaries in particular but I think I'm with most people, especially the ones that have Netflix... it is virtually 80% gripping/hard hitting documentaries after all. So without rambling further here are five absolutely amazing things to watch right now - you can thank me later!

To The Bone

First up a drama film that's received a lot of criticism even since the trailer was released. As long as you feel you won't be triggered by watching To The Bone then I highly recommend it. While there is a lot of things wrong with this depiction of anorexia I truly believe this has opened up a dialogue about eating disorders and it shows just how complex this mental health problem it is and not one that can be simply fixed by just eating. A Netflix original that has caused a great divide of reactions but one that is worth watching.

Life, Animated

Although this documentary is only available on Netflix U.S & Amazon Prime I had to include it and really encourage you to find an online version if you enjoy documentaries with all the feels or if you simply love Disney. This is possibly the most amazing documentary I've ever watched as I went through a full range of emotions when watching it and it really was something that stuck with me for months after. The incorporation of Disney in this documentary along with the animated sections is just wonderful and I wouldn't hesitate to re-watch it just for the Disney scenes that make this coming of age story truly come alive. A wonderful uplifting yet sad documentary that will stay with you.


Okja was a film I knew I needed to watch even though I had a feeling it would upset me. However for half of the film, there weren't any tears and I was enjoying the Wes Anderson feel to it - thinking surreal scenes to a good soundtrack. But then as I expected, it became deeply harrowing and distressing but still with the sense that it was a necessary
watch. I think this movie will leave most people questioning their reasons they eat meat, I know it has done for me for the first time ever, and for that reason, this movie should only be receiving full star reviews. Although an upsetting watch this is an incredibly well-made film that has so much heart. One to watch!

Chasing Coral

Never did I think I would shed a tear over coral. But I did. This is a documentary to watch to truly understand the impact of global warming. Sharing visual images and the viewpoints from many a passionate expert. I really didn't expect this to be my cup of tea but it made me truly understand the huge problem that is global warming.

Black Mirror - Nosedive (Season 3)

This on the pulse satire was one of my favourite episodes within the latest Black Mirror series. Possibly the only futuristic look at the world within the series that was scarily similar to today's reality. With the average person now seeking validation online, whether that be via Facebook or Instagram through likes and comments this episode shows the possible grave reality of this fairly new behaviour. A scarily thought provoking documentary that will most likely make you want to step away from your phone.

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