The £8 Compact Palette That Dupes Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics Eyeshadow Palette

When it comes to eyeshadow palettes, I own quite a lot. My favourite being either highly foiled shades or warm mattes, so as you can expect I'm a fan of the Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics Palette (£39.50). The stunning compact boasts 12 warm toned matte shades all of which I make use of. It also helps that Urban Decay shadows are buttery smooth, blend well and perfectly pigmented!

However a few weeks ago a very much budget matte eyeshadow palette in comparison caught my eye, it instantly made me think of all the Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics shades I love and so I had to buy it to compare!
The eyeshadow palette in question is the fairly new NYX Lid Lingerie Shadow Palette (£8) which includes 6 warm matte shades and dupe or not, would make a perfect autumn/winter palette.

Before we get into shade comparisons I wanted to talk about the quality of the palette. Packaging wise it's basic and it's definitely no rival of the UD palette, that's for sure. However, it's functional and I have been enjoying using the larger square eyeshadow pans, compared to the slim Urban Decay ones. As for eyeshadow quality, I think NYX has always delivered and this time it's no different with well-pigmented shades even though they are matte. There's also thankfully no chalkiness to the eyeshadow formulas however there is minimal fall out when using a brush in the palette and slight fall down onto the face, but that really isn't anything major.

Without comparing this to the Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics Palette for a minute I think as a stand alone palette for A/W I would be digging it and most likely featuring it in an upcoming post. So whether you feel this is a good enough dupe or not I really think it's a lovely palette. I should also mention you can find the all shimmer version here (which has some stunning shades in it) if matte shades aren't your thing! 

Back to talking dupes now! Of course, as you can see when comparing the two palettes there are half the shades in the NYX Lid Lingerie Shadow Palette with only 6 pans compared to 12 in the UD palette. However with a £32 saving I still think it's pretty damn good! 

As for dupes, 5 out of the 6 NYX matte eyeshadows are pretty good dupes for some of the shades in the UD palette, which are all swatched/compared for you. It's also worth noting that the NYX eyeshadows contain more product with 1.37g compared to the Urban Decay shadows containing 1.2g.

UD Blow dupe: Starting with the lightest shade in both palettes I would say these are both vitals shades in each quite warm and dark palettes. Although Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics is an all matte palette I would say 'Blow' isn't as matte as the other 11 shades having a demi matte finish that gives it a little more life and makes it work as a matte highlight shade a bit better. So that would be the difference between both shades as the NYX one is very much matte. Still a really good dupe, mind!

UD Instinct dupe: Am I allowed to say that I prefer the NYX shade over UD 'Instinct'? Similar looking in the pan however as you can see these aren't spot on dupes with the NYX shadow quite a bit more heather toned, however, I like that and have used it quite a lot!

UD Extra Bitter dupe: This is the dupe that excited me the most because 'Extra Bitter' is one of my favourite shades in the UD Ultimate Basics palette. Perfect for warm smokey looks especially in Autumn. On comparing both you can see they aren't spot on with the NYX shade quite a bit warmer in tone, but again I actually prefer that.... but I guess Extra Bitter got that name for a reason! Still a really good dupe in my option.

UD Lockout dupe: Another good dupe is this staple medium toned brown. 'Lockout' is slightly warmer in tone than the NYX shade but the difference is fairly subtle and I personally like both shades equally.

UD Lethal dupe: Lastly, we have the darkest shade in the NYX palette as a possible dupe for UD 'Lethal'. I will admit I'm not convinced on this one. Both on the dupe factor as they are clearly different looking shades but also because the NYX shadow is oddly chalky... it's like the runt of the palette! It's not an unworkable shade but I do avoid using it due to its less blendability and the fact that you get quite a bit of fall out from it. Not the worst dupe but hmmm!

So what do you think? Is it a contender for the Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics Eyeshadow Palette? I really think it is. It's not spot on but I don't think you can't expect that from a £8 palette. On a budget or not this is a pretty lovely palette for taking into the autumn/winter months!

I should also point out that the shades in NYX Lid Lingerie also dupe some of the shades in both the ABH Modern Renaissance Palette (£41) and Viseart Neutral Matte Eyeshadow Palette (£64)


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