An Amazing Becca Ultimate Glow Complexion Kit Offer Only £44

As a total beauty enthusiast, I really appreciate when higher priced beauty brands put together kits and collections at lower special prices. Not only does it mean I get to try much more from the brand in one go but it means there's a big saving to be had. Especially when you add up what everything would cost individually at full price.

So this is why I love to feature one-off kits from QVC in particular!

The latest QVC exclusive that has just launched and is available from here is this wonderful all full-size Becca 4-piece complexion kit (saving over £60 if products were bought seperately). The set includes some staple makeup items such as a primer and foundation (normally £30 each alone) and some gorgeous beauty additions with a compact cream highlight and a liquid blush that are the types of product that will be still going strong years down the line thanks to good product volumes and only a little being required per application.

Below are all the product details of what you receive plus my own initial thoughts on each product as they have only entered my makeup bag in the past week.

Becca First Light Priming Filter (RRP £32)
First up in the Becca Ultimate Glow Complexion Kit is this interesting looking lavender-toned primer. Which if I'm honest I presumed would be another colour-correcting style product that wouldn't do much for my skin. However, the lavender hue of this primer along with the skin care ingredients actually doesn't colour correct but almost magical gives life back to the skin and gives an instant glow/freshness to the skin without any shimmer particles. Basically, your skin will look like you've just used a hydrating/glowing face mask. It also feels like a refreshing serum on the skin, ultra light and with a citrus scent to it. Probably not a primer for anyone with really oily skin but if your skin looks dull, flat or just a bit grey then this will do the job of transforming it.

I've also been impressed that even under medium coverage foundations the brightening and glowy effect of the primer can still be noticed. I really didn't expect much from this product but it certainly doesn't what it claims! Oh, and it comes in a nice glass bottle with the typical Becca style lid which definitely gives it that high-end makeup/skincare feel.

Becca Ultimate Coverage Complexion Creme  (RRP £30)
Next, we have a full-size full coverage matte foundation which is pretty impressive (though there are only 8 shades to pick from) to be included in such a good value set. But I did think... why full coverage? If the kit is all about getting that glow to the skin then wouldn't a lighter coverage foundation or BB-style cream surely been more suitable? However as I have an oily t-zone I was still looking forward to trying out the mate foundation, but sadly it turns out the shade I picked (Cashmere) was way too dark for me but also VERY yellow. This really did surprise me as I love foundation and own quite a lot and never have a seen such a yellow toned base product before. So I took to the official Becca website to read some reviews on the foundation and sure enough there were other people saying the same thing! 

After looking at all shade swatches I can see not all shades are so yellow toned but reviews do say the same thing about quite a number of the light to medium shades. So unfortunately I can't give this a review other than warning you that 'Cashmere' is very yellow toned. If you are wanting to pick up this set I'd highly recommend looking on Google images at swatches on skin tones similar to your own before buying.

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Poured Cream Highlighter in Moonstone (RRP £30)
Although I've tried a few Becca products in the past I was totally new to their highlighters which always receive glowing reviews so I was more than happy to see this wonderful cream highlighter compact (with mirror) included within this value kit. I was also happy with the shade choice as even in the pan Moonstone is such a stunning shade with its golden hues and universal suitability for both light and dark skin. I was also plased that it was one of their 'poured' formulas over a powder! On first use, I was surprised to find the cream formula to feel creamy under the fingertip but actually, a powder feel finish on the cheeks. This was fine by me but with such a glow in the swatches, I'd instantly presumed it was a cream finish that maybe felt slightly tacky on the skin. With a cream-to-powder finish, this means this highlighter is going nowhere on the skin and amazingly lasts through the day.

As for the finish it gives, I couldn't love it more! Beautifully golden and with micro pink reflective pigments (you have to look very close, but they are there) this cream product highlighters the cheekbones and browbone in such a stunning way, really picking up the high points of the face. A highlighter I know I will be using endlessly until I remember I need to not neglect other highlighters in my collection!

Becca Beach Tint (for cheeks and lips) in Guava (RRP £20.00)
Lastly, a product I have used in the past and one I'm pleased to have back in my makeup collection. This pink coral watercolour style* beauty product is designed to be used as a natural finish on the cheeks and a matte tint on the lips. In fact, I'd say it feels like two very different products when used on the cheeks to the lips. Starting with the cheeks the fairly liquid cream tint applies how you would expect for this kind of product to, blending in nicely to a very natural finish with a flush of colour that again looks very natural, though it can be built upon. If you are someone that wants a blusher to look like your own skin with no trace of makeup detectable then you will absolutely love this long last product. Without a doubt perfect for light makeup days and when you want feminine, soft looking skin. As for on the lips, it's a whole different affair as it dries down to a matte finish that can highlight dry lips. It also feels dry and slightly tacky when the lips are pressed together. So for that reason, I use the smallest amount to even out lip colour and to tie it in with my cheek colour but no more. Another impressive product from Becca that looks natural and will last you the longest time.

*Due to the thin consistency the product can separate so can give a watery residue before any colour/product comes out. This is a tad annoying but definitely doesn't mean it's off.

As mentioned the only product I didn't get on with is the foundation due to it simply being the wrong shade. But presuming you get your foundation shade right (unlike me!) this is the ideal opportunity to pick up some stunning products from Becca at an affordable price. The highlighter and primer really are amazing products!

I feel like a broken record as I mention this every time I feature any QVC exclusive kits but with such a big beauty audience on QVC  this collection will sell out as all collections/kits generally do. So if you fancy treating yourself or buying the set to break up as gifts then I would be quick!

Expect to see more in-depth reviews of both the poured cream highlighter and the primer in future beauty posts - I have a feeling the highlighter will become a favourite to use in Autumn for that dewy glow.

Fee xo. 

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