Putting Together a Neutrogena (US) Skincare Routine

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When it comes to skincare I love nothing more than discovering effective products that get the job done and well. Which is why I've been obsessed with Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel for pretty much the entirety of summer. It's simply effective in hydrating the skin and feels beyond lightweight on the skin, I really can't recommend it more highly.

So when iHerb.com offered me the chance to try out some of Neutrogena's US based skincare products, available to UK customers, I jumped at the chance! But not only because I love skincare and the brand in question but because I wanted to offer an in-depth review of iHerb as a whole and share my shopping experience with you – especially as the website contains a lot of beauty & skincare!

However back to skincare, and to decide which products I wanted to try out! After looking at the wide range of Neutrogena products available, of which 95% aren't available on the UK high-street I instantly knew I had to try a Neutrogena SPF product after seeing them constantly raved about in US magazines I read and always being named as the best lightweight facial SPF's to pick up. A cleanser was also a must so I went for not your traditional face wash for the A.M (see what I picked up in my reviews below!) and a lovely looking cream cleanser for in the evening that could tackle the removal of both makeup and sunscreen. Then finally I picked up an interest looking primer with sunscreen that I hoped would perfectly prime my skin before makeup application. Find all my thoughts on what I picked up plus a special Neutrogena discount below!

iHerb shopping experience

At the checkout, I was actually very surprised and impressed to see that fastest available shipping option, DHL Express, came to only £5.30. But I was even more impressed that my order was delivered in under 3 days and without any taxes or fees to be paid! Of course, different orders will weigh different amount but never did I expect shipping costs to be that affordable for quite a few weighty skincare items.

Overall my experience of using iHerb, which I should point out is a Google Trusted Store with customer service team support in 10 different languages, was totally trouble-free and a joy to use. With over 35,000 products (which are shipped to over 160 countries!) I think I've found another large shopping platform I know I can trust, especially for hard to get hold of beauty/skincare items!

Back to skincare and time to share with you a simple yet effective and not to mention inexpensive Neutrogena skincare routine and my thoughts on all of the products thus far.

Morning Cleanser
For the longest time along side liquid face washes I've enjoyed using more traditional facial cleansing bars upon waking. Especially when they contain glycerin and gently cleanse the skin like this one does. Perfect on normal to oily skin this no-soap cleansing bar has been lovely to use first thing in the morning to remove any excess oil and sweat from the skin without stripping the skin or leaving it feeling tight or dry. Quite a simple cleanser that's perfect for cleansing a bare face and also quite a bargain! Savvy side note – solid cleansing bars last so much longer than liquid based cleansers!

As you may know, this is one of my favourite skincare products to use right now! Perfectly hydrating this lightweight gel is a joy to apply to the face both morning and night. Other than its soothing effects I also love that the gel doesn't add any greasiness to the skin and soaks in pretty much immediately. Think happy, hydrated, softer skin with this lightweight gel based moisturiser! 

Facial Sunscreen
After applying my gel moisturiser, SPF is a must. I'm slowly getting into the habit of using sunscreen every time I go out so one that doesn't change how makeup applies or lasts on the skin is key. Which is exactly why I decided to go for this dry-touch version that claimed to be fast absorbing and lightweight. Which I can verify is totally spot on! With more of a subtle moisturiser scent than a typical sunscreen scent, the lightweight cream smooths over the skin to a soft velvety feel and is totally absorbed into the skin in under 30 seconds. For such a high SPF factor to work in this way, I was instantly impressed. Plus I also found it didn't make my skin more oily throughout the day or cause breakouts. I really think I've found a new favourite here which I can also use on my body as you get a generous 88ml of product!

Makeup Primer
Next a nonessential step but one I'm used to using now. Designed to even and brighten the skin while helping makeup last longer on the skin, this was a primer I knew I had to try out. On first application, the primer created a smooth but semi-tacky feel to my skin which was surprisingly perfect for the foundation I went for that day. However, I can't say I noticed a difference in how healthy my skin looked, though it did look smoother. As for makeup longevity, I feel it makes a slight difference to my foundation and concealer, keeping it in perfect condition and without fading for most of the day. Although I will continue to use this primer as I really like how it makes my foundation apply and look I would say it's the least effective product I've tried. 

Evening Cleanser
At the end of the day makeup and sunscreen removal are a total must, especially if you want to achieve clear healthy looking skin. So a gentle yet effective cream cleanser is what I go for in conjunction with a warm wet flannel to remove it and to lightly exfoliate in the process. Lightly scented and actually feeling more like a moisturiser the Deep Clean Cream Cleanser instantly breaks down makeup on the skin when massaged over the face. Once removed the skin is left totally clean but without feeling tight or dry but also without any residue that could possibly clog pores overnight. Another effective yet light feeling cleanser from Neutrogena that I just can't fault.

Overall I feel I've had a successful experience using iHerb for the first time and it's without a doubt opened up my possibilities of trying new beauty based products. It has also helped me come across possibly my new favourite SPF which I know will be a staple in my skincare routine for quite some time to come!

I'd love to know which skincare products you like the look of?

Fee xo.

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