The Best Summer Facial Mists

From makeup-setting sprays to hydrating toner mists and even simple water sprays I like to keep in the fridge, facial mists are a huge part of my skincare regime.

Long gone are the days of Boots stocking only one facial mist: Evian Facial Spray. And I for one can't get enough of the constant new releases! Although I wouldn't say most of them are game-changers I would say if you pick well they can have a definite purpose in your skin care routine and pep up your skin whenever it's required.

Here are five of my ultimate favourite facial mists worth treating your skin to... 

Cooling A.M Spritz

Vichy Thermal Spa Water Spray
£4.90 Feel Unique (linked above) or £7.00 Boots  
If you find waking up in the morning difficult then you need a thermal water spray next to your bed. It's an instant pick-me-up for the skin and an aerosol spray is much more of a mist than any other facial spray; think more refreshing than shocking. I will be honest though, mineral water sprays, other than La Roche-Posay Serozinc, do very little for the skin. They are more about how they feel than giving any skin care benefits. Okay... they're maybe a touch hydrating for the skin but it's definitely not long lasting hydration. As well as being a perfect A.M mist, Vichy Thermal Spa Water Spray is ideal for hot summer days on the go. I often throw this in my bag (aerosols always keep the product cool inside) and use it over my face when I find I'm feeling too hot and even on tired legs and feet... a shopping lifesaver!

Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic (DIY Spray) 
£6.50 (50ml) or £15.00 (200ml) Liz Earle
For the past few months, I've been using Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic and have been really enjoying it. Swept over the face with a cotton pad in the morning it soothes and brightens the skin. However, as I love it so much I decided to decant a little into a spray bottle and keep it in my fridge for a nice pick-me-up when my skin feels in need of it. I generally reach for in the morning as it's so fresh, delicate and soothing but whenever my skin feels like it's tight and just a bit dehydrated I will have a quick spritz of it. If you want something gentle and calming then I highly recommend this light toner! 

Spray-on Skincare 

Pixi Skintreats Facial Mists 
If you are looking for a little more from your facial mist then I recommend taking a look at Pixi's mist range that combines both skin care with something quite refreshing for the skin. These can be used throughout the day to pep up the skin, even over makeup. My hot day favourite has to be Pixi Vitamin Wakeup Mist (£16/80ml Look Fantastic) which I do sometimes use on waking up, but generally it's around the mid afternoon slump when I want to feel fully awake. What I love about this face mist is that it's instantly cooling on the skin and smells like an orange popsicle! It also adds a touch of hydration to the skin which you can feel. My other favourite facial mist, Pixi Hydrating Milky Mist (£18.00/80ml Cult Beauty) couldn't be more different, being almost scentless and more of a mist-on moisturiser. My skin absolutely loves this stuff as it's often just the right amount of hydration my oily skin needs, whether it's after serum on hot days, before bed or mid-afternoon. The mist also benefits from hyaluronic acid as one of the ingredients along with B1, B2 & B6 making it a light yet nourishing treat for the skin. 

The One to Make Your Makeup Last

Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray 
£9.00 (travel size) or £21.15 (118ml) Feel Unique
I can't say I own many makeup setting sprays because once you've found the one there isn't a real need for others. So Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray is pretty much my one and only. Simply sprayed over the face is an 'X' and then a 'T' motion after applying all makeup this will set everything in place for the day. It comes without a 'set' feel once dry and is suitable for all skin types. When used with a primer my makeup doesn't budge even on the hottest of days. This also comes in a handy 30ml size, ideal for taking on beach holidays.

Do you use facial mists? 

If so, let me know your own favourites! 

Fee xo. 

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