First Jo Malone Cologne Experience

I'm not going to lie, when it comes to perfumes I've spoilt for choice. Not only am I lucky enough to occasionally receive the odd fragrance release but I do like to treat myself to a new scent with every change of season. I also like to ask for something new at Birthdays and Christmas.

As you can imagine that's quite a lot of fragrance for one person! So when I do buy something new it has to be special and get me excited.

Although I own quite a lot of scents I'd describe as luxury never did I expect my next fragrance purchase, my summer scent, to be one from Jo Malone London. Jo Malone colognes are something I've always swooned over in Selfridges and thought "maybe one day". That was until Jo Malone launched a very generous online game (no longer available, sadly!) in which each customer had the chance of winning a single item when placing an order.

Placing my 1st Jo Malone Order - exciting!

So, of course, I found myself on the website playing the amusment-style grabber game, with no real intention of buying anything - okay, maybe I did! That was until I won a Jo Malone Basil & Neroli Cologne 30ml (normally £44) and then realised that they offer complimentary delivery and free gift wrapping. I broke! Although I'd never smelt the specific cologne I'm a sucker for anything containing Neroli, which I'd describe as quite a fresh floral green scent - I just love it! 15 minutes later I'd decided on an indulgent £30 hand & body wash (more on that in another post) and was checking out my order, adding the complimentary gift wrap and bag, obvs!

Fast forward 4 days and my very special package arrived. Think signature Jo Malone boxes and bows, and even a little card for a complimentary in-store hand massage - nice! Although I like to think I'm not overly swayed by packaging, something changed in me and I suddenly became a person that was excited by boxes alone! However, it does have to be said the attention to detail with Jo Malone packaging and care really is second to none. 

Jo Malone Basil & Neroli Cologne (30ml - £44)

Enter my new classic summer scent. Described by creator and perfumer Anne Flipo as "a fresh, sophisticated, sensual floral with green facets" also adding how stunning in its simplicity it is, I knew this was a scent for me. Of course ordering blind is always a risk but I did feel more at ease with Jo Malone, as they are known for unoffensive gorgeous scents and as mentioned I love Neroli as a scent and anything clean smelling on the skin; especially on hot days.

On first spritz of my aesthetically pleasing new cologne I instantly could smell basil along with citrus notes that gave it a juicy almost sparkling edge to it. I also instantly understood how this has been described as a clean, simplistic scent. As for the wonderful white flower neroli, this is the hit of sunshine that is needed to take it from a herby scent to something with a smile and warmth, with that hint of fresh linen, which I always appreciate in a clean summer scent.

As the cologne dies down it becomes a truly delicate perfume that feels just perfect for hot summer days, flowery, slightly herby and refreshing. It also amazingly has quite a humid smell to it, which I never thought I'd describe a fragrance as. Almost as if all the notes are fused together due to the time of year... I guess it reminds me of the humid floral and green notes that would hit you in a Victorian greenhouse. I think I've possibly described this fragrance in one sentence there!

Has my first fragrance from Jo Malone London lived up to expectation? Without a doubt. I already knew Jo Malone were masters when it came to creating elegant fragrances but I wasn't as aware how they fused notes together so perfectly, creating a juxtaposition that just works. 

I can now see why Jo Malone is a brand with such loyal customers as their scents are simply in another league to mainstream fragrances and worth treating yourself to or asking for as a gift. 

As a total fan of a new fragrance per season, I'm now already thinking I need to visit my nearest Jo Malone counter to sniff out, quite literally, a possible autumn cologne. I'm due for something new for 2017 and I think I may be hooked on how unique Jo Malone scents are. I'm also thinking I need to take advantage of that luxury hand massage! 

There's no denying Jo Malone colognes come with a slightly hefty price tag, even at 30ml, but if you've never tried anything from the brand I truly would suggest  a visit to a counter or store to discover what the fuss is about.  Possibly adding your favourite scent to your payday wish list or even very politely asking for it on a special occasion. 

Do you already have a favourite fragrance from Jo Malone? 

Fee xo. 
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