The 'Caroline Hirons' Pixi Double Cleanse

It's not often I feel the urge to write a review of a single product these days. Basically, it's gotta' be special!

Now if you know of Caroline Hirons a.k.a the internet's skincare expert then you will understand why this Double Cleanse product even before it was released was on my 'special' list. However if you don't know the name... then just know that she knows her stuff when it comes to skin! It's also worth noting that she's never collaborated with a skincare brand before, until now, due to high standards when it comes to ingredients - so before even trying this product I knew it was going to be something special!

So onto the product! An easy to use duo cleansing product ideal for thoroughly removing makeup and sunscreen. One side containing a solid cleansing oil (50ml) to effectively remove all makeup (even waterproof mascara) and the other side containing a luxe cream cleanser  (50ml) to cleanse and hydrate the skin. These two products can either be used one after the other to double cleanse or separately, ideally with the cream cleanser in the morning and the solid cleansing oil/balm in the evening to remove makeup.

Although I personally love to double cleanse with these two products let's talk about them individually first...

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Solid Cleansing Oil 

This is solid cleansing balm side that literally turns to oil with the heat of the finger tips. It's also the main 'tackle-makeup-removal' step that breaks down makeup and any SPF you have on the skin. Scooping a coin size about from the tub with a finger I massage it over my fingertips and then onto my face, in which time it has no solid form, liquefying instantly and gliding over the skin. Half a minute or so later my face is looking a dirty mess from smudging my melted down makeup around my eyes, so this is when I take a wet rung out flannel (Tesco Finest do good quality ones) and slowly remove all the makeup and grime that's sitting on my face. This step pretty effectively removes makeup, even eye makeup, of course keeping the eye closed when cleansing over this area, and leaves the skin clean without that dreaded squeaky clean feel and without any oily residue sitting on the skin

Cleansing Cream  

The second step of a double cleanse is to ensure all makeup has been removed, along with further cleansing of the skin with even better quality ingredients and as a little facial massage is you so wish. This is where I personally feel like my skin is thoroughly cleansed and happy, I also notice better skincare absorption with the exfoliating acid I use and my night cream, which is actually just a standard day cream to be fair. Here I apply slightly more of the soothing white cleansing cream and massage it over the skin and down the neck. I avoid the eye area then doing this because I can see I've already fully removed all eye makeup and any further cleansing isn't really needed or of benefit. The time you take really just depends on if you want to quickly get the 2nd step out of the way or if you want to feel the pampering effects of the cream and give yourself a mini facial massage. Once done I again remove with a flannel, the same one however I like to make sure I use it in a half and half manner so I can use the clean half to remove the second cleanser without putting the oil and dirt back onto my face!

Using both cleansers together & why double-cleansing works wonders 

There really isn't a down side to double cleansing, it's a way of ensuring makeup and dirt are fully cleansed off the skin while giving a good dose of exfoliation and dead skin cell removal with the use of a flannel. It also preps the skin for any skincare that will follow. This can clear up blemishes when done frequently and over the period of a few weeks will brighten the skin and lead to a much smoother complexion.

Double cleansing has always worked wonder for my oily/combination skin and unlike other more astringent cleansers that I've got hooked on in the past, the more I use Pixi Double Cleanse the more my skin looks good, apposed to drying it out and producing more oil. This is just one of the beauty's of it, it works in this way on all skin types, thoroughly cleansing the skin without messing with it and that's often such an overlooked step when achieving clear, bright skin!

I've also found when buying this product I'm committing to double cleansing more because once the lid is open you will always find yourself using both products. So for that reason, I have double cleansed more in the past year than I've ever done and it's all thanks to this product - thank you, Caroline!

My only gripe would be the amount of product in each compartment. Any balm cleanser with be used slower than a cream cleanser, so you will find yourself running out the cleansing cream first, which is a shame. Ideally I've love to see 100-200ml tubs made available of both - the skincare dream!

As you may be able to tell from the length of this post I have a lot of love for this product and can only pray the skincare goddess that is Caroline Hirons will team up with Pixi again in the future.

On the whole Pixi skincare is pretty on spot on but this really is a star product for me and a staple in my bathroom cabinet. 

Fee xo. 

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