The Very Best Makeup Brushes on eBay

By now I think it's been established that I'm a total eBay addict! I'm obsessed with creating my weekly eBay bargain posts, buying everything and anything for my home from there (even my bed!) and having more eBay makeup brushes than I know what to do with!

So I thought it was finally time to sit down and share with you the makeup brush sets and individual brushes worth buying from eBay. For the most part, eBay makeup brushes are amazing quality, especially for the price, but there are ones to be avoided so hopefully this post will steer you in the right direction!

Boring side note - Quite a few of these brushes come from China, although no fees or charges are incurred delivery time can take some time, generally 2-5 weeks! So if you do want your new makeup brushes in a hurry make sure to check the expected delivery date before buying! If you do want quicker delivery and don't mind spending that bit more then I suggest searching eBay using keywords from the listing title along with 'UK' to find a UK listing of the same brushes.

From top left, zigzag:-

Large Silver Powder Brush £2.39
Yes, this is seriously only £2.39?! Seen in the above first image this is one super soft brush ideal for using with loose or pressed powder for setting makeup or removing shine from the T-zone. This is actually my only large powder brush that I use each time I apply makeup. I can't recommend this brush enough!

Mixed Metals Brush Set (Real Techniques dupe) £6.99
If you love the look of the mixed metals collection from Real Techniques but can't justify spending £11-22 per brush then look no further than this 7 piece set! These are all stunning brushes that feel weighted much like the Mixed Metal range making for better application, especially with the rose gold contour brush. Again lovely and soft and high quality, however, my own gripe would be that one of the eyeshadow brushes isn't a great shape, though still usable.

Rose Gold Black Brush Set (Zoeva dupe) £5.22
One of my favourite makeup brush sets here! This contains 8 makeup brushes both for the face and eyes and looks very similar to Zoeva makeup brushes. I particularly love the duo fibre brushes in this set, which I often use as they are perfectly soft and blend products well. A really lovely brush set for the price!

Mermaid Fish Tail Flat Brush £1.95 each
For the last few months, I've been using the stunning rose gold version of this brush to apply my foundation. I bought it on a total whim because of how it looked and it turns out that it's pretty good at applying liquid products. It doesn't fully blend however it does spread the smallest amount of foundation over the entire face and then with a buffing brush or damp sponge you can tidy up the finish a bit. I'm very tempted to get another one in the rainbow finish because they are just too pretty!

Hand-wrapped Kabuki Powder Brush (Nars dupe) £1.64
This is one of the first single makeup brushes purchases from eBay because I was never going to be spending £43 on the Nars Yachiyo Kabuki brush... and I loved it! It's still going strong and I still love to use it with my favourite powder blushes. It's the lightest of all my cheek brushes and holds just the right amount of product to sweep over the cheeks. Another one I'd highly recommend buying!

Rose Gold Eye Makeup Brush Set (Zoeva dupe) £3.24
Another gorgeous looking rose gold makeup brush set. This is probably the most hit and miss set I've ever picked up with quite a few of the white brushes not being up to expected quality however as all of the black duo fibre brushes are spot on along with a few white ones I still think this is good value for money. I'd say you get 6 or 7 good eyeshadow brushes out of this set which is still amazing for only £3.00. And if you're a beauty blogger the rest can be used as blog props!

Purple Tipped Unicorn Horn Brush Set £6.99
Isn't this the most stunning makeup brush set? Perfect for anyone into unicorn or magical vibes that wants something special for their dressing table. You can expect really good quality handles and ferrules with these and some wonderful face brushes. The eyeshadow brushes aren't as good but still workable. You can find similar unicorn style in a pearlescent white finish here.

Large Rose Gold Fan Brush £1.26
This is a brush I've used so so much in the past year to apply bronzer over my collarbone area and to bronze my shoulders and anywhere else I feel is in need of a little bronzing. You could use this over the face with powder or bronze products but I'd say due to the size it's best used on the body. A really lovely looking brush that works well. 

Bamboo Style Kabuki Brush (Tarte dupe) £1.39
A cute little brush here that's perfect for blending in all face products. Very similar to Tarte makeup brushes in style this is well made with dense bristles and a super cheap buy! 

Rose Gold Makeup Brushes (same as Beau Belle £34.95 set) £5.19 
This is without a doubt my favourite makeup brush set from eBay that I've got so much use out of. In fact, I loved it so much I picked up a few extra individually brushes for £1.20 - £1.59 individually (from the same listing). Much more rose gold metallic in real life these are such stunning brushes that are lovely and soft on the face. I actually cannot fault these in any way! These are also the exact same brushes as the rose gold Beau Belle set, they just put their own logo on them... so you may want to pick up a bargain with these instead!


Flat Top Contour Brush 99p
If you are looking for a good brush to contour with then look no further than this 99p buy! Yes, this is a surprisingly good brush for the low price. Due to being totally flat this is a good brush for laying contour onto the face and then blending in. I can't actually find any faults with this brush!

Wizard Wand Metal Makeup Brushes £4.95 
Okay, these are pretty amazing! Although I'm not a huge Harry Potter I still had to pick up these literally magical looking makeup brushes. But on arrival, I just wasn't prepared for the level of detail or quality. These are just as good as they look and are actually very weighty in the hand. Perfect if you want to try something different or even as a gift as they are just so lovely.

Double Ended Bamboo Blender Brush (Tarte dupe) £3.49
Another Tarte style makeup brush that benefits from being double ended. Soft yet supple both brushes blend cream and liquid products well. I sometimes use the smaller duo fibre to apply and blend foundation and always think how good it is the price.

Rose Gold Cream Face Makeup Brush Set (Zoeva dupe) £4.09
If you are looking for a Zoeva makeup brush dupe then this is the one to go for. You can expect really nice quality handles and soft bristles that also look ultra pretty on your dressing table. Some time detailed eye brushes here along with a really lovely flat topped blending brush that's great for blending foundation. My only dislike would be with the brush 3rd from the left, it's simply a strange cut and more like a paint brush than a makeup brush... not sure what happened there!

Flat Top Foundation Brush (Bare Minerals dupe) 99p
Another old favourite here! The stock image above really doesn't do this brush any justice as it's actually quite a clever design. With a circular channel cut out from the middle of the brush of which you dispense a small about of foundation, this is like no other brush I own. However, I really enjoy using it! The design works well and this is basically a crazy low price for a brush as unique as this one! 

Oval Rose Gold Makeup Brush Set (Iconic London dupe) £6.99
Lastly, a lovely on-trend set of oval brushes that are perfectly priced for anyone wanting to try out this style of brush for the first time. These are excellent quality with soft touch grips, flexible rose gold handles and beyond dense fibres that literally feel like velvet over the skin.

There you have it... all the best eBay makeup brushes in one place! 

Hope you've found a few brushes to treat yourself to! Let me know which your favourites are!

Fee xo. 
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