Alternative Summer Nail Polish Colours

Summer is most definitely here and I'm pretty sure most of us are painting our nails that bit more often. From pastel tones to neon brights, nail polish choices are endless. But it is easy to go for the same type of shades time and time again. So I'm suggesting a bit of a shake up with a few alternative non-typical summer shades that surprisingly work.


Possibly the least likely summer nail polish shade here. I know, it looks more autumn/winter than summer days wearing floaty dresses, right? But here me out... this when worn with a tan or on darker skin looks glossy and perfect. It's subtle, yes, but chic and very wearable! My favourite burgundy pick would have to be Models Own HyperGel Nail Polish in Brunette Red (£4.99) for deep tone of it and glossy gel-like finish. A must-try shade if you are sick of wearing bright nail polish and don't want to opt for pastel shades.


Okay, white nail are pretty summery... but I hardly ever see anyone sporting them. Perfect to enhance a tan or warm up pale looking skin - basically white nails look good on everyone and suit both fingers and toes. Bourjois La Lacque Nail Polish in White Spirit (£4.25) is my go-to white nail polish as it's opaque and applies well without looking streaky. And if you're thinking you won't end up getting much use from a white nail polish, think again! White nail polish is ideal for using as a base for neon nail colours to make them appear even brighter, white nails also work under glitter around the festive period, plus white is always a needed colour for nail art, whether that be clean looking french nails or simple details such as polka dots.


For me, khaki nails look so chic and effortless! Perfect against olive/warm to dark skin in summer. This really is an alternative summer nail polish colour as it will look surprisingly fresh, especially when wearing white and simply looks unique. There aren't many khaki nail polishes around, however, my favourite has to be NailBerry Oxygenated Nail Polish in Love You Very Matcha (£14.50) due to it being a flat colour without any shimmer to it. I wouldn't suggest this on the toes but this really does look perfect on the nails paired with gold jewellery.

Vivid Blue 

All summer beauty articles suggest pastel blues are what you need to be wearing on your nails and although I agree I really think all shades of blue work well. Cobalt blue works amazingly well as a summer nail polish on both the fingers and toes and really does stand out - expect compliments! Essence The Gel Nail Polish in Electriiiiiic (£1.60) is my favourite vivid blue shade that I always find myself using on my toes when I know I will be wearing sandals. I really do find this such a summery shade!

Have I convinced you to try an alternative summer nail colour? 

Fee xo.
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