The £2.50 Makeup Brush Every Highlighter Lover Needs To Own

I don't know about you, but while knowing Morphe was a makeup brand loved by many I didn't know it was a brand that literally offered hundreds of brushes for no more than £5.00. 

I came across this wonderful discovery when last browsing Beauty Bay, one of a few stockists of Morple online, and I was so glad I did! Although I was tempted to make lots of new brushes purchases I reigned myself in due to having hoards of makeup brushes. But I of course had to try out at least one budget Morphe brush, along with a few other beauty buys I needed, okay, wanted. 
As you can see I picked up the world's tinest fan brush, which is in fact a lash fan brush... who knew! Although the Morphe B34 Lash Fan Brush is designed to apply mascara in a more natural way than a mascara/spoolie wand my mind instantly thought 'highlighter'. Granted, this was before I spotted the other slightly bigger fan brushes, but I knew it would be the most perfect size for applying powder highlighter. From under the brow bone, on the inner corners of the eyes and dusting over the Cupid's bow I knew this teeny brush would do a job no other brush was able to do in my collection... and for only £2.50! 

Since buying this teeny tiny brush, that can as mentioned be used to apply mascara (I'll be giving that a miss - way too faffy!) or even used for blending out eyeliner on the lash line I have been using it non-stop! 

With my favourite theBalm Mary Lou Manizer highlighter and Makeup Geek Shimma Shimma eyeshadow which I prefer to use as a highlight shade, this brush has been lovingly used under my brows mainly for a more precise application and often on the inner corner on my eyes to add some brightness there. I really cannot fault it! The years I've spent hastily applying highlighter to these areas with a much larger fan brush now feel like I've been doing it wrong, all along!

As for the quality of the brush, it is pretty basic... but that seems to work here. With soft fine fanned bristles the brush picks up just the right amount of product for use over the face, wherever you should wish to apply it. I can also report loss of hairs hasn't happened having already washed it twice! 

This really has opened my eyes to the world of dainty brushes for a more precise application and though this may be the smallest fan brush from Morphe (not many brush brands offer such an extensive range of small makeup brushes) you can also find a lovely looking slightly less teeny duo fibre luxe fan brush for only £3.00, or if you want something that can also be used on the cheeks you may want to check out the mini detail fan brush, another total bargain at £4.50. 

Due to the price I'm sure I will be adding a few more mini fan brushes to my collection in the near future as they really are just genius and very multipurpose! 

If you're a fellow brush lover let me know how you apply highlighter and if you already own a mini fan brush similar to this one! 

Fee xo.
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