Let's Talk Instantly Recognisable Fragrances

Last week as I was paying for my food shopping the cashier asked me if I was wearing Eternity by Calvin Klien... and I was! This half thrilled me but half got me thinking about the perfumes I would instantly recognise on someone else.

This may be a totally boring subject for some but I know that even though I love Ellis Saab La Parfum I wouldn't be able to notice if someone else was wearing it. But if someone walked passed wearing Thierry Mugler Angel I would instantly know, though I haven't personally worn it in years. Which leads me to think that we are drawn to some fragrances or notes in fragrances more than others.

Either way, I always think it's interesting when someone else knows which fragrance you are wearing! So here are the scents I can always pick up on!

Thierry Mugler Angel (launched 1992)
Main Notes - Patchouli, Dark Chocolate and Vanilla

Truly a gourmand fragrance with its sweet distinctive notes this is a scent that grabs my attention when other's are wearing it. With most people wearing Angel fairly heavy this is a perfume that lasts all day and stays on scarves and coats for months so it's fairly common for me to recognise this scent on a pretty regular basis when out shopping etc. Thinking about it, this fragrance is probably the most recognisable scent for me due to years wearing it, as it's a favourite of a family member and nothing else smelling similar! Think rich dark chocolate with a hint of vanilla and musk.

Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely (launched 2007)
Main Notes - Musk, White Orchid and Patchouli

This is a fragrance I've worn for years so I guess it would only be right that I recognised it on others. As I love clean scents, such as Philosophy Amazing Grace, I was drawn to this pretty budget perfume. For me, this is a mix of fresh linen sheets with a powdery edge and a white floral scent that is just perfect for both spring/summer. I don't spot this often on others (I'm presuming it's because it's quite an old celebrity scent now) but when I do it's always... well, lovely! Such an uplifting light scent for summer.

Calvin Klein Eternity (launched 1988)
Main Notes - Carnation, Lily and fresh green notes 

This is a scent my mum wore on and off as I was growing up, and one I've often have a cheeky spray off as I liked it so much. So it's no surprise the scent has stuck with me. I also picked it up for the first time last year and have been enjoying wearing it ever since. The scent is an instantly recognisable pleasant fresh floral scent that is nonoffensive yet noticeable on the wearer. The main notes I get from this perfume as that of carnations which is quite a sharp floral smell that I absolutely love... actually I don't think I've ever come across someone that doesn't like this fragrance. If you haven't smelt Eternity but love your fragrances then take some time to hunt it down when next in Boots to find out why it's been around for nearly 30 years and is still loved by so many! 

Prada Candy (launched 2011)
Main Notes - Caramel, Musk, Vanilla 

Another gourmand scent here that although not at strong as Angel is quite unique and recognisable for that reason. Sugary and caramel are how I would describe this perfume with a powdery edge. When owning this fragrance I found I had to be in the right mood to wear it because it was purely gourmand and seemed a bit too much sometimes. However when I smell this on others I still enjoy it, and it instantly makes me think of other Prada scents and does seem quite luxurious. Not for everyone but another unique foodie scent that I can always pick up on.

What fragrance would you be able to instantly recognise on someone?

Fee xo.

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