How I Dealt with a Year of Hair Loss

Hair loss is a strange old subject. It fits in with the subject of beauty but not comfortably, and is often only talked about in relation to men and ageing. But the thing is hair loss is pretty common and can happen at any age and for any number of reasons  for either sex. It can also be treated in a number of ways, through various medications, vitamins, topical products, styling/masking type products and even therapy.

Basically, it's a big subject that's still pretty much taboo and isn't often talked about!

So I'm here today talking about it! Because in the past year I would estimate I've lost near to half of the hair I use to have, going from fairly thick hair to something I would now describe as fine and limp.

My Hair Loss Story

Firstly, I would say if you are experiencing noticeable hair loss in the shower or when brushing your hair, then go to the doctors. As mentioned hair loss can happen for a multitude of reasons and it generally needs to be addressed. It can often be a sign of an underlying/undiagnosed health condition, due to stress or a change in hormones and less concerning, it could be hereditary baldness which can come on with age but will occur gradually and in a predictable pattern. It's easy to presume what it could be but it's important to seek medical advice, not only to get to the route cause but to stop the hair loss from continuing.

Along with hair loss, I had quite a number of other symptoms, including major fatigue, so I was instantly offered a blood test and it came back with quite a bad Vitamin D deficiency. At this point, I'd been having hair loss for a few months and then with my vitamin D levels being so low it took a few months for the tablets to work and my hair loss to stop, However after a few months of taking the recommended dose of tablets for a set period of time my hair loss started again and it took a further 3 months for my hair loss and other symptoms to improve. In total, I would say most of the last year was spent experiencing hair loss at various rates.

Through that time I found dealing with hair loss harder than I imagined it to be. I was aware I had no obvious signs of hair loss and thankfully no bald patches however I was quite self conscious of how different my hair looked and felt and I couldn't style my hair in ways I use as it simply looked too fine. I also found brushing my hair daily and washing it a totally deflating experience as it was just a reminder that my hair was still falling out. However, over time I did discover ways and products to improve my thinning hair that I still use today.

4 Ways to Deal with Hair Loss 

Be kind to your hair
Whatever the reason behind your hair loss your hair follicles and hair are going through something. So whether you know the reason or you have yet to go to the doctors start being kind to it ASAP. This firstly means avoiding heat styling tools at all costs, this was personally hard for me but after picking up a speed drying spray (Cloud 9 Magical Potion) I got used to air-drying my hair. You may need to discover different ways of styling your hair such as non-heating curling techniques that won't put as much stress on the hair, but embrace them and see it as something new and fun to try out, instead of an annoying obstacle. It also means tight pulled back hairstyles are out, these put a serious strain on the hairline. So you may want to wear your hair loose or pinned up.

Brushing is a must to prevent tangles from forming but neither over brush or under brush and make sure it's using the correct brush. A tangle teezer along with detangling spray (cheap ones work just as well - mine is from Poundland!) is the perfect combo to tackle wet hair and a soft bristled brush is ideal for brushing dry hair when styling it.

Invest in haircare products
Although hair care products alone won't tackle hair loss it can make a huge difference in how the hair looks, which can make you feel so much better about the situation! After trying a few budget thicken-type hair products that left my hair feeling weighed down and sticky I decided to invest in my hair care, trying out more professional brands that had good reviews online and that's when I started to feel better about how my hair looked.

In the way of shampoo, I still use Nanogen Thickening Treatment Shampoo on the day I want instant thickness to my hair that I can actually feel, without any sticky/heavy residue (thorough rinsing is a must to avoid it happening). Then as more standard shampoos that I've found to leave wet hair with the least tangles I enjoy using Liz Earle Botanical Shine Shampoo (sls-free) and Philip Kingsley Body Building Shampoo (I have the exclusive Coconut Breeze edition from QVC - currently out of stock) which I'd highly recommend to anyone as they are both nourishing in comparison to other shampoos.

As for volume at the roots, I picked up the highly rated Redken Full Effect 04 Mousse. Although new to using mousse I found a little at the roots and then blasted with a hair dryer on a low-temperature setting worked wonders. I did, however, limit this technique to when I was going out and wanted my hair to look it's best.

Then when it came to looking after my scalp and fine hair, especially around the hairline, I decided to use products that not only help my scalp stay healthy but hopefully keep me from losing any new hair that is growing. Every week of so I melt down some two tablespoons of Vita Coco Organic Coconut Oil and massage it into my scalp and through the lengths of my hair, sitting with it on for an hour or so. You can use castor oil or even create a blend of a few oils to apply in this way. With or without hair loss I think I will always apply oil to my hair as it's just so nourishing for both the scalp and hair follicles

Alter your mindset
Often how we negatively view ourselves isn't how others see us. What you are self conscious about and believe everyone will instantly notice is generally something no one will even notice! This is a key thing to remember with hair loss as it's only you making the comparison of what your hair once was to how it is today and in fact as long as you have visible hair people just see hair and nothing more. No one is noticing your hair texture, a higher hairline or even areas where you personally may be able to see your scalp... because no one is looking close enough, for long enough or actually cares! The only person that cares is you, which is normal, but once you realise what you think stands out actually doesn't you will start to feel much better about yourself.

Cure it
Of course curing hair loss is easier said than done as it's not always curable and it lays with finding the root cause and dealing with that first. If you do know the cause and your hair loss isn't hereditary or with age then persevere as it can take months for new hair to start growing and to become noticeable!

If you are currently dealing with hair loss then I hope this blog post has been of help, even if it's just to say you're not alone with this slightly taboo- feeling problem! 

Fee xo.
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