Why you should start a blog in 2017 + 4 new bloggers doing amazing things!

Today I want to talk blogging, actually becoming a blogging in 2017 or being a new blogger and striving for success, whatever that means to you. 

This is a topic that's been on my mind for some time but now felt like the perfect time after social media star Sarah Ashcroft recently spoke with Cosmopolitan about her rise to fame/success and how she feels about blogging today. In the original article, which has now been changed, Sarah had quite a few negative opinions about the blogging community along with believing the blogging world is saturated and new bloggers are lacking originality. The only way to stand out according to Sarah is to do something completely original.

Although I will agree blogging is now hugely popular (which is amazing!) to the point of seeming saturated it has the huge benefit of being internet based and global, meaning there's more than enough space for everyone! As for originality I once read a blog post, I think it may have been on Pro Blogger, that talked about how originality isn't always important and comes with risk; why try something totally new when what's worked for other bloggers in your niche is right in front of you? This isn't to be confused with copying or plagiarism but it is about being savvy and switched on to what blog readers want to see and what's proven to work.

It definitely saddens me to see such an influential blogger/Instagrammer such as Sarah Ashcroft suggesting there's no room in this industry, either as a hobby or a potential career. So here I wanted to share with you a few reasons it's actually of benefit to start blogging now or even in the future if have the passion to!


4 Benefits of Starting a Blog, Right Now!

Resources & info galore!
When I started blogging seven years ago I was hard-pressed to find much on the subject of blogging. The internet lacked practical tutorials, guides on how to make an income through blogging, how to grow your blog and there definitely wasn't any books or free resources on the matter! Fast forward to 2017 and new bloggers are spoilt for choice with established blogs dedicated to the industry of blogging and social media. We also have scheduling tools for pretty much everything, invaluable free platforms such as Canva and so much more. Becoming a blogger in 2017 is easier than ever and is such a guided and exciting place to venture and learn in!

You are joining a huge community of like-minded people
Whatever the niche of your blog there's now an established community there of like-minded bloggers that can potentially offer support and friendship! This wasn't always the case and has only come about due to how popular blogging has become. Whether the blogging community you find yourself in is vast or still quite niche, embrace it! Not everyone will be your cup of tea but you can learn so much from others, find a new sense of belonging and create some amazing friends along the way!

People are finally understanding blogs
After over a decade of blogs being on the internet they are finally getting the love and attention they deserve - you just need to Google search something to see it's now predominantly blogs that fill the first few pages of results! Both online and offline blogs are often mentioned by major media outlets and are now the norm. This means people will want to read YOUR blog! There may be more blogs than ever before but there's also more blog readers!

There's proven success - everywhere!
When I started Makeup Savvy I really didn't have a clue what my blog journey would look like because there simply wasn't many other beauty bloggers and if there were they weren't talking about the behind the scenes side of it. Due to this and blogging still being a fairly new industry my blog took a few years to go anywhere and that was definitely guided by PR companies than any kind of outside inspiration or my own research. Thankfully the power and results of blogging can now be seen; from how it can become an amazing hobby to how it can enhance your CV and even lead to self-employment. Whether you want to blog for fun or something more serious there's proven success all around to motivate and inspire you... and that's pretty wonderful if you ask me!

Solid advice on starting a blogging in 2017 from fellow bloggers! 

4 Fresh blogs doing amazing things!

Friday Faye
Faye only started to properly blog this year and I along with many other makeup lovers have been enjoying not only her more consistent content but her incredible photography skills (see above!). Friday Faye is an amazing example of how a new blog can look and act like a more established one and can fit into the beauty blogging world perfectly! 

Meg Hobson
I've been a reader of Meg's for some time now, keeping up to date with her blog posts via Bloglovin' and again for the 2 years she's been properly blogging I feel like she's just as established and in her own groove as I am. It shines through her blog that she's a fellow makeup addict and for that reason I trust all her reviews. 

The Mother Cooker
This is a wonderful food blog that's just recently turned one and is really coming out with some amazing content. I'm not one to follow too many food blogs, however Gem use to blog in a whole other niche and whilst pregnant with her daughter decided to create The Mother Cooker, which in my opinion is one of the most original food blog names! Such a change just shows how flexible the blogging industry is as I've surely not the only one who has followed Gem through her different blogs and enjoyed seeing her success and enjoyment with both. 

It's Hollie Ann
Lastly, I wanted to include a wonderful lifestyle blog that's been around since February 2016. Full of interesting articles and good photography I'm always popping over to it to check for new blog posts. Lifestyle blogs can be tricky to get right but Hollie has done it here... definitely a blog to follow! 

I feel I've given more than enough proof that blogging can be started and enjoyed anytime! All blog communities support and encourage new bloggers and there are more than enough resources to succeed as long as you have passion and belief in yourself! 

Fee xo. 

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