12 Makeup Tips for Glasses from a Glasses Wearer

Makeup Tips for Glasses Wearers

Makeup Tips for glasses wearers always interests me because I've been a glasses wearer my entire adult life. I understand the frustration on loving makeup and creating dramatic eye looks only for it to be hidden behind lenses, not to mention the problem of glasses making eyes appear smaller. 

So I thought it's share a ton of practical tips about glasses and makeup application that can remedy most irks/problems. I also thought it was about time a blog post was written sharing makeup tips for glasses wearers by someone that wears glasses, daily! 

Makeup for people that wear glasses

Practical Tips for Glasses Wearers

1.  Lens Thickness 
To date I've read endless articles and blog posts about makeup tips for glasses wearers but I've yet to read anything about how the lens you go for can make a huge difference in how your eyes appear. Now I'm talking lens here, the clear part you see through and the part of the glasses most people don't even think about. But if you have a medium to high eye prescription, whether you need glasses for distance or reading, the thickness of your lenses can alter the appearance of your eyes, making them appear smaller for someone with short sighted vision (distance glasses wearers) and larger for someone with long sighted vision (reading glasses wearers). However, this can be helped with thinner lenses! As I have a fairly strong prescription which makes my eyes appear fairly small through standard lenses I opt for extra thin lenses (1.67), this does cost more but the difference is more than noticeable and the lighter, thinner lenses also fit in the glasses frames much better.

If you dislike that your glasses make your eyes appear smaller or larger, thinner lenses in your next pair of glasses (or even in your existing pair) will make an instant difference!

2. Frame Size  & Shape
Frame size and shape is another topic I have yet to read anything about in context to how the eyes appear and again can make such a difference. Over time I've come to realise that a larger frame, that covers part of the cheek, actually shows more of the eyes and brightens up the under eye area. It also makes more of a statement look. I also find clear backed glasses frames, where half of the frame is clear and thicker lenses blend in with the frame, look lighter and less heavy especially to the profile, even if you go for a thick black frame to the front of the glasses (my glasses, above, are like this and I totally love them!). It's also good to be aware that glasses with thicker or larger sides and arms can darken the eye area and cast more shadows.

3. Glasses Fitting
Making sure your glasses fit correctly is another important aspect, albeit a boring one. If you buy your glasses from a physical retailer then your glasses will come with a free fitting. However, if you buy online it's important to read how to adjust the glasses so they correctly fit your face. This is important as glasses that constantly slip down may cut off the eye with the frame or make the eyes appear smaller. Badly fitting glasses can also cover the eyebrows and will make your eyes appear to lack definition.

4. Magnifying Mirror 
Another practical tip I wanted to include was your choice of mirror for makeup application... because depending on the strength of your prescription you may not be able to your face in the mirror sans glasses! For reading glasses wearers, glasses with flip down lens are available, although I imagine them to get in the way, and for all glasses wearers there are thankfully magnifying mirrors. The most magnified the better really and portable so that you can position the mirror on the edge of the table you are applying your makeup at and get as close to the mirror as possible. Light-up magnifying mirrors can also be pretty handy!

For anyone still struggling especially when using makeup brushes, I would definitely recommend finding a good travel brush set with shorter handles. This will allow you to apply makeup closer to the mirror without the brush hitting the glass and getting in the way.

Makeup tips for glasses wearers

Makeup Tips for Glasses Wearers 

5. Highlight with Light Eyeshadow Shades
If you've read any similar blog posts to this one then you will know lighter eyeshadow shades are often suggested for glasses wearers.... and I agree, to a point! My personal rule is light eyeshadows on the lid, whatever else I want in the crease and above! The reason I always opt for light/brightening eyeshadows on the lid is that it brightens the entire eye area and makes black lashes stand out. It's that simple. This doesn't mean heavy makeup or dark shades are out of the question, I just keep them to the crease and don't go too high with darker colours. A shimmery accent will open up the eyes when placed in the center of the lid, on the inner corners of the eyes and under the brow bone. My favourite eyeshadow for this is Makeup Geek Shimma Shimma as it's highly pigmented, but any light toned face highlighter can work just as well.

6. Curl them Eyelashes 
With or without glasses I couldn't be without my eyelash curlers; they open up the eyes and make the eyelashes appear longer. But when wearing glasses the added benefit is that the lashes won't press against your lenses and will nicely contrast against your highlighted lids (see above!). If lashes touch/rub against your lenses making them dirty is still a problem then switching to a waterproof or curling mascara may help or curling the lashes at the base and then midway for a better curl.

7. Forget Bottom Lash Mascara 
... unless you feel naked without it, that is! For me adding bottom lash mascara can make my entire eye look too heavy behind glasses. Instead, I use an eyeshadow a shade or two lighter than what I've used in my crease smudged with small smudger brush along the outer 3/4 of the bottom lash line. Then a darker shade smudged on the outer 1/4 to tie into my liner. This is a much softer look and will make the eyes appear wider. If you are new to this then trying a smudged out dark brown kohl liner along the bottom lash line can work well and give the intensity you will be used to.

8. Eyeliner is a must 
I personally couldn't be without liquid eyeliner and believe it's a must if you want your eyes to appear bigger or the focus if you're a glasses wearer. The rule of thumb here is to correlate the thickness of your glasses to the outer thickness of your eyeliner. Plus, if you are going for a cat eye aim to line up the angle of the flick to the corner of your glasses frame to maximise that lifted eye look. You can find a good reference of bold eyeliner with thick frames in this glasses makeup tutorial from Bobbi Brown; a fellow glasses wearer and an amazing makeup artist!

Good makeup tips for glasses wearers

9. Liner on the Waterline
This is one tip I've read over and over again when it comes to similar blog posts but it's always about making the eyes appear larger with the use of a light coloured liner. Although I recommend this tip and use the NYX Wonder Pencil, full review, what about glasses wearers that want to make their eyes appear smaller? For that, the opposite applies, a good dark cream liner on the bottom waterline that will stay put all day (Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils are amazing). This will instantly make the eye shape appear smaller... fab for reading glasses wearers! 

However, if the idea of applying any kind of product to your waterline is a no-no or you find even waterproof eyeliner to wear off or smudge then simply skip it! It is one of the more commonly known makeup tips but with other good makeup techniques to try out it's not a big deal.

10. Define Brows 
Behind glasses the eyebrows can lose impact and for that reason you want to go slightly darker and more arched than you would normally go. I personally like to achieve this with a brow powder in two shades (lighter for the inner corner/start of the brows, darker for the arch and outer corner) and set it all in place with a tinted brow gel. This ensures my brows stay perfect all day and the frame my face just as much as my glasses do.

11. Use a Brightening Concealer 
As the lenses in glasses can cast a shadow over the under eye area using a brightening concealer is a must! A lot of brightening concealer lack coverage so I highly recommend first applying your usual concealer, blending well, and then a lighter shade of a brightening concealer. This will make a big difference! My favourite concealers for this are YSL Touche Eclat and Lacura Concealer Pen from Aldi - two similar products with very different price tags! 

12. Powder the Bridge of the Nose
Although this tip doesn't affect the appearance of the eyes I wanted to include it as it's a vital one, especially for oily skinned girls! A simple dusting of pressed or loose translucent powder over the bridge of the nose will prevent your glasses from slipping down, so simple yet highly effective! You may also want to try this under the eyes, especially if you find makeup rubs off onto the bottom of your glasses over the course of the day.

Makeup Tips for Glasses

That was a lot of tips! Hopefully, I've covered most tips and tricks when it comes to makeup for glasses wearers. 

I use all the above tips and they do help to show off my eye makeup but I also think my glasses suit and frame my face, adding something extra... it's all about getting the right frames and feeling confident wearing them! 

Fee xo.

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