Top 15 Magical Makeup Brushes on eBay

mermaid makeup brushes

For the past few years I've been totally obsessed with cheap makeup brushes from eBay! On the whole they're amazing quality and excellent value for money - I just can't get enough of them! 

So today I thought I'd share my top 15 magical makeup brushes on eBay that start at only £1.50 with free delivery! 

Most of these makeup brushes come direct from China (hence why they are so cheap!) so they do take a few weeks to arrive, however, no custom charges are incurred and I've yet to receive any damaged brush sets! eBay really is the place to pick up unique makeup brushes! 


Single Travel Glitter Blush Makeup Brush 
An ultra cute compact blush brush with a gold glittery handle. Perfect for travel or using like a standard blusher brush. Cute and totally inexpensive... and currently in my basket!

Docolor Sparkle Contour Brush
A handy but pretty flat contouring brush ideal to laying down contour powder. How pretty?!

7PCS Rose Gold & Blue Ombre Unicorn Brush Set 
An amazing unicorn inspired brush set that I in fact own and use often! Super soft synthetic bristles with a range of good face and eye brushes. For more info and images check out my Unicorn Rainbow Brush Set Review. (seen in featured image)

8PCS Rose Gold Pink Brush Set
If you aren't one for coloured brush fibres but lovely pretty brushes then this may just be the brush set for you. With duo fibres you can expect some super soft brushes here!

Single Fish Tail Makeup Brush
Possibly the most unique makeup brush I've come across and for that reason I had to snap one up! Ultra pretty yet quirky and importantly a really handy brush with some very soft bristles. (rose gold version shown in featured image) 

10PCS Rainbow White Handled Brush Set
If bolder is better then this may be the brush set for you. Magical rainbow coloured bristles mixed with white patterned handles. I love this combination!

5PCS Harry Potter Wizard Wand Brush Set 
Dupes for the popular wizard wand brushes but at a fraction of the price. These are so weight and amazing quality. Read my wizard wand makeup brush review for detailed images and info. (seen in featured image)


10PCS Pearl White Swirl Unicorn Brush Set
One of my most favourite brush sets I own here! Just stunning brushes in every way and a total joy to use. For detailed images and more info check out my Unicorn Makeup Brush Set Review. (seen in featured image) 

Large Blue Fan Brush
An ultra-cheap Spectrum fan brush dupe here! Ideal for quick contouring or body bronzing. I have the somewhat bland black version of this exact brush and use it with my favourite Kiko bronzer over my collarbone and chest area.

Single Gem Filled Makeup Brushes
A listing full of interesting gem filled makeup brushes. Such inexpensive brushes yet beyond pretty. I've very tempted with these! 

5PCS Blue Water Droplet Makeup Brush Set
Possibly the strangest looking makeup brushes I've come across! Available in quite a few colours and sizes.

Single Foundation Mermaid Makeup Brush
Another find of amazing yet cheap single makeup brushes! I can't get enough of how these look! If you apply your foundation with a foundation brush then one of these is worth trying out. 

7PCS Multicoloured Mermaid Tail Makeup Brush Set
Another brush set I own and love. The detail and pigmentation of these brushes is mesmerising, perfect if you are after some cheap mermaid makeup brushes. Really lovely quality! (seen in featured image) 

7PCS Rose Gold & Blue Ombre Brush Set
Very similar to the jagged unicorn brush set featured above in quality yet with smooth pointed handles. A good mix of face and eyes brushes here. 

10PCS Pointed Rose Gold Oval Brush Set
If oval brushes are your thing then these are the creme de la creme! From precision eye/concealer brushes to large face brushes. Expect ultra soft and dense fibres with these brushes that give a flawless finish.

Let me know your favourite makeup brushes here! 

Fee xo.
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