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As I'm always talking about makeup storage solutions on eBay I thought it was about time I pulled together all the best makeup storage options available. Below you will find 20+ items from some seriously cheap eBay makeup storage finds to larger makeup storage solutions that are more of an investment - still pretty affordable, mind. 

My favourite makeup organiser has to be the grey ombre drawer unit (see below!). I'm so tempted to buy it to store the bulk of my makeup collection in.

I hope you find some suitable makeup storage here for your own makeup stash! If you enjoy this kind of eBay post then you can view all my eBay posts to date here!

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1. Gold Makeup Brush Holder Pouch
A compact makeup brush holder right here. Ideal if you only use a few makeup brushes or for travel to keep brushes out of your makeup bag, separate and damage-free. (Currently - £3.00)

2. Acrylic Lipstick Organiser Case
If you're a lipstick addict then this one is for you - isn't it amazing? Sleek but unique! It holds 24 lipsticks altogether and is a perfect way to keep all your favourites shades out on display. Also available in black. (Currently - £10.99)

3. Black Acrylic 4 Drawer Makeup Organiser 
I only recently came across black acrylic storage and I kinda' love it! It looks entirely different to clear acrylic storage but still remains sleek looking. This unit could really hold a lot of makeup! (Currently - £11.75)

4. Embellished Clear Makeup Brush Holder 
This brush holder reminds me of an Anna Sui makeup organiser but for a fraction of the cost! Just something more interesting for your vanity. Also able in black.(Currently £2.59)

5. Rose Gold Makeup Sponge Holder 
I mentioned using a wire egg cup to hold a makeup sponge in my 10 DIY Makeup Storage Ideas and although you could go for a plain silver one, why not go for a rose gold/copper version! If you want to keep your beauty blender bacteria free as it's drying then a holder like this is a must. (Currently - £1.39)

6. Ombre 10 Drawer Storage Unit 
Okay, I'm totally in love with these - I mean look at them... they are ombre! Large makeup storage always calls to me because I do own quite a lot of makeup, so any kind of drawer unit is going to be good for what I need. Not only do you have 10 drawers here but the metal top is also an area for more products or even a mirror. I think I will be getting the grey ombre drawer unit for sure! (Currently - £26.99)

7. Brush Cup Holder Case 
These come in several colours and very much remind me of the sigma brush holders. Basically two makeup brush holders in one and ideal for travel. A total bargain here. (Currently £3.99)

8. Fabulous Rose Gold Vanity Case 
Another dreamy makeup organiser that's perfect if you tend to be messy and want to just shut everything away once you are done applying your makeup. Also ideal if you tend to apply your makeup in different areas - I think I'd like the choice to sometimes. Love this option! (Currently - £21.99)

9. Clear Acrylic 2 Drawer Makeup Organiser 
Such a cheap organiser here that is ideal for keeping in the bathroom or if space is limited. Perfect for everyday makeup essentials really. I have this unit and love it! (Currently - £7.59)

10. Clear Marble Vanity Case 
Okay, another total dream makeup storage option that I may have just gone and bought in rose gold here. So sleek looking and modern. I plan to storage my hair tools and styling products in it. (Currently - £22.99)

11. 24 Acrylic Lipstick Holder 
An essential organiser item that keeps all lip products looking neat and tidy. I have a slightly smaller version of this in which I keep my most worn lipsticks at the front and my tall lip products such as liquid lipsticks and lip glosses/oils as the back. Really handy to have! (Currently - £4.99)

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A clever makeup brush storage solution here that keeps brushes dust-free and can also store makeup sponges + a few extras. It doesn't come with the pink beads, however, I love the idea of filling it with multi coloured beads, maybe black and white or even rose gold,  to keep brushes upright. (Currently - £19.99)

If you want a serious all-in-one organiser then this is it! This could house so many brushes and makeup compacts and comes with a good size mirror. (Currently - £13.49)

Cotton pads in their original packaging never look great especially if you keep them with your makeup or in the bathroom, so this is the perfect simple solution for them. (Currently - £1.81)

If you're a skincare junkie then you may want to check out this tiered rotating stand. Perfect for storing a large amount of products and keeping them to hand. I really do like this! (Currently - £10.69)

Another handy drawer unit ideal for bodycare products or even hair products. I imagine with the deeper drawers this can storage a lot. (Currently - £21.99)

I own quite a few of these to store makeup brushes in and they look really pretty on my vanity. They also store 10+ brushes to each and are really inexpensive! (Currently - £1.49)

A good starter pack here if you don't have much in the way of makeup/brush storage. Perfect for lip products, eye products and makeup brushes. (Currently - £16.99) 

Now, this is a serious makeup storage option! Ideal for anyone with a large collection of makeup that wants to store it all together but in an organised way. If I didn't already own so many acrylic makeup drawers I would be getting this! (Currently - £44.99)

Another unique vanity case perfect for summer. Again, ideal if you are slightly messy and you want to store it out of sight. A good option if you want to ditch storing your makeup in a makeup bag to have more room and organisation. (Currently - £19.99)

If you don't want your makeup storage to look like makeup storage then this is the perfect option. I could see this looking stunning on a dressing table. (Currently - £16.99)

Lastly, a trusty acrylic organiser that can surprisingly store a lot of makeup and even makeup brushes. I really love this kind of storage unit, cheap but good quality and super practical! (Currently - £13.59)

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