eBay Review: Wizard Wand Makeup Brushes for Muggles

Somehow I've got into a flow of buying and reviewing unique makeup brush sets from eBay! I'm definitely not complaining and my makeup brush collection is looking fabulous if I do say so myself, with some of the prettiest brushes I've seen. I also believe it's making getting ready even more fun!

As you can see I have the most amazing wizard wand brush set to share with you today and at the cheap price of £8.45 with free shipping!

Oh, and that's from a UK eBay seller (buy here)!

Now, I do quickly want to touch upon the fact that these are copies of the Storybook Cosmetics Wizard Wands and that may not sit well with some. I personally avoid all fake makeup on eBay and anything that is using exact branding to pretend to be that brand. However, when it comes to brush sets that look similar but have a different design and aren't pretending to be the original brushes, I'm ok with that. Of course that may be different for you. However,  this also may be a good option for some UK customers that don't want to spend $55+$18 shipping and then possible custom fees on the original Storybook brush set. I just thought I'd throw that out there before I rave about this magical  Harry Potter inspired wizard wand makeup brushes!

Buy this set of 5 £8.45 (UK Seller) HERE

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What's included?
The 5-piece wizard wand brush set includes only eye brushes (all full size). Along with a black velvet, silver topped drawstring pouch for travel/storage of the brushes... personally I think they are too stunning to store away! 

Brushes included - fluffy blending brush, angled fluffy blending brush, pointed detailed crease brush, angled liner brush, petite flat brush.

Details & Quality
On arrival other than marvelling at the sheer detail of these brushes I was instantly struck by how weighty they were. Each brush being solid and weighted to the handle (comparable to the Real Techniques Bold Metal larger brushes in weight) and feeling very high quality, much more than I expected! 

As for the bristles, the two fluffy brushes are ultra soft and made up of duo fibres which I believe leads to nicer application. The other three more precise brushes are of course still soft but firm yet flexible. I really couldn't spot any I could possibly dislike! 

My own slight gripe would be that the metal handles do have a few sharp areas to them (minimal but noticeable). This isn't enough to at all damage the skin in anyway but I like to be fully honest when it comes to all my reviews and it is something I noticed. This doesn't affect application in anyway, it doesn't even make them hard to use, but for this reason I wouldn't buy them as a present for a child/teen that for example is a Harry Potter fan! Other than that, these brushes are possible the best quality I've ever bought from eBay to date!

Favourite Brushes
With most brush sets, from eBay or otherwise, there are generally one or two I don't love as much as the rest. However, with this brush set I literally adore them all! Maybe it's because they are eye brushes or maybe it's because they are all staple brushes that are well cut and do their job well, I don't know - but I'm not complaining! 

My favourites however, have to be the two fluffy brushes are they blend eyeshadow flawlessly and feel ultra soft. I also really like the pointed crease brush as it's ideal for concentrated colour on the outer corners of the eyes, that can be blended out with one of the fluffier brushes, and is also perfect for smudging shadows along the bottom lash line. The only one I haven't been using on my eyes is the small flat brush as I'm just unsure how best to use it on the eyes, but it makes an excellent precise concealer brush for under the eyebrows, to tidy up the outer corners of the eyes after eyeshadow and eyeliner application and to conceal small blemishes with. 

I've honestly been blown away by these brushes. Not only are they my most unique makeup brushes to date, with amazing attention to detail, but they are superb quality which I really didn't expect to this level. 

If you are a fan of Harry Potter (who isn't?!) or of unique/interesting makeup brushes then I highly recommend adding this amazing brush set to your collection!

Fee xo.
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