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In the seven years that I've been blogging on Makeup Savvy a lot has changed. I've seen something that was pretty humble turn into something that represents a new kind of media which is much more glossy and dare I say it, staged. However, in this time I've found joy in reading blogs that although are aesthetically evolving with the times (i.e more professional photography and blog designs) ultimately stay true to their roots providing honest, genuine content.

My favourite kind of beauty blog is one that is mindful of all budgets, featuring products both budget and high-end. So here I've selected three of my favourites, well actually they are my only favourites when it comes to seeking out affordable makeup reviews because budget beauty blogs are thin on the ground in my opinion. I hope you find a few new favourites here! 
The Sunday Girl (Adrienne)
I've followed Adrienne's blog for years and years now and I've enjoyed seeing it grow. That I love most is that you can tell Adrienne is a total makeup addict, from hoarding sheet masks to basically owning a sh*t ton of makeup! I also admire how she's gradually able to write honest and thought-provoking posts outside of her blog niche, such as her recent post titled Period Poverty. You may spot that The Sunday Girl doesn't shy away from a splurge but there is balance; for each post about her latest Jo Malone fragrance there's one about her latest drugstore purchases! Please go and fall in love with The Sunday Girl blog, just promise to visit me once in a while, okay?!

Pint Sized Beauty (Lily)
Lily's blog is another total favourite that I visit most days to check for new posts. Again, it's a lovely mix of high and low-end products in each blog post which are always photographed beautifully. Lily also has a way of coming up with unique blog posts which is no easy feat in a saturated industry that I'm always impressed by and eager to read. However, be warned Pint Sized Beauty isn't a blog to visit when you are trying to avoid buying makeup! Most of the items on my to-buy list have been mentioned and beautifully photographed by Lily at one point or another. But I do have Lily to thank for some of my favourite makeup purchases to date! 

Miss Makeup Magpie (Gemma)
Lastly, I just had to include Miss Makeup Magpie; my to-go for affordable beauty product reviews! Again, Gemma doesn't shy away from featuring high-end products but there's a balance and you can always expect honest reviews. Due to Gemma's style of blogging, reviewing individual products in-depth, I often feel nostalgic when visiting her blog, which is a lovely thing when you've been reading beauty blogs for over 10 years! Another true gem (pardon the unintentional pun!) that you need to visit if you haven't already!

I really wish I could share more budget makeup and beauty blogs with you, but the above blogs truly encompass what I believe to be a good representation of a beauty blog in what seems to be a luxury driven arena right now. 

Let me know if you also enjoy these blogs!

Fee xo.

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