How I Picked Up Makeup Samples Worth £45 for only £3.95!

Since November I feel I may have banged on about a certain free makeup sample service (you pay the p&p). But as a self-proclaimed savvy blogger I feel it would be a disservice to any fellow bargain hunters out there to not mention how flipping amazing it is just a few more times. 

The makeup sample service I speak of is Feel Unique's Pick 'n' Mix here and is without a doubt majorly overlooked!

Simply select 5 samples per month for free from a choice of 350+ products and only pay £3.95 shipping and handling free. Which in fact you receive back in the form of a voucher in a follow-up email to redeem against future purchases!

In my opinion, this service is better than most beauty boxes as it's low spend, you get to select your own samples and as you will see below you can often pick up free luxury beauty samples. This will now be my 3rd time using Feel Unique Pick 'n' Mix and I can't see myself getting bored of it anytime soon!

Here's my £45 worth of free samples I picked up this time...

All sample prices worked out on a per ml amount of full sized products. 

Darphin 8-Flower - Sample RRP £25.30 | Darphin Purifying - Sample RRP £12.00 | Viche  - Sample RRP £1.80 | Xen Tan - Sample RRP £5.07 | Phyto - Sample RRP £1.47

As you can see picking up a £25 sample (the full 15ml oil retails for a whopping £95 on Feel Unique!) is pretty incredible. So good that I picked up the same sample last month and have been loving using it for my weekly facial - pure luxury. At this rate I will pick up enough samples to equate the same £95 product!

Along with my two incredible Darphin samples, I picked up a hair mask sachet from Phyto because I'm often buying sachets like this from the supermarket as a one-off intensive treatment, so I thought why not try a high-end hair brand for once. I also picked up a mini Viche micellar water which is always good for travelling with and once used up the bottle is perfect to decant other liquids into, again for travel. Then lastly, I went for a 30ml Xen-Tan sample as I don't use much fake tan but when I do it's often just my face and chest, so a small sample will give me quite a few applications!

Sample sizes do vary with Feel Unique's Pick 'n' Mix service, so I highly suggest looking by 'sample type' and noting the ml/g amount. However, last month I did write a post on how to make the most of Feel Unique's free makeup sample service, which should help if you want to really get your money's worth!

Samples are ever changing but at the time of writing this there are still Darphin samples available, along with some good sized samples from Nude by Nature (rose gold packaging, anyone?) and even Nars. 

Fee xo.

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