eBay Review: Incredible Unicorn Rainbow Brush Set for under £7!

Okay, I feel I need to apologise for featuring two amazingly priced eBay brush sets in the space of two weeks. No one needs multiple brush sets.... but ya know, when they are this pretty!!

Much like the oh, so magical unicorn makeup brush set I recently reviewed, these are of a similar theme. I don't know what that theme is exactly... but it's god damn pretty none the less!
The brush set is from a UK seller with free p&p, whoop for fast delivery, and came in perfect condition for me. Anyway, onto the review and lots of pretty up close images of these stunning ombre unicorn brushes!

Buy this set of 7 Purple Ombre Brushes for the current price of £6.99 HERE! 

I always mention this but Buy It Now prices do fluctuate, so £6.99 is the listing price at the time of writing this review. As I'm rambling, the listing also contains a few other brush sets so you will need to select '7Pcs Purple Brushes' from the drop down options tab.

What's Included?

The set includes a nice mix of unicorn inspired rainbow horn brushes or which there are thankfully more face brushes (4) than eye brushes (3) which I feel gives even better value for money. They come with gold ferrules and super soft muli-coloured ombre purple synthetic bristles.

Face brushes - Large domed fluffy setting powder brush, contour/cheek brush, pointy fluffy face brush and blusher brush.

Eye brushes - Fluffy shader brush, pointed crease brush and angled liner brush.

Details & Quality

Where to start with these amazing rainbow horn brushes! Firstly, let's talk detail because there's enough of it with these brushes. The star of the show here really are the rainbow unicorn horn inspired handles, as you can hopefully see they are fault less for the price and just have so much detail to them. The angled effect along with seamless blue through to purple and then to pink ombre really is impressive and they also have a nice weight to them, especially the larger face brushes. If I was being overly critical I would say the ends of them are slightly weapon-like in their pointy-ness but they aren't sharp in any way so it's no big deal. 

As for the bristles, they are ultra soft synthetic nylon bristles that have dyed purple tips. On my first wash of them the colour did run a little, but then again so did my Sigma brushes (surprising, I know) but I'm sure they won't lose how pigmented they are but if they do I will report back and update you! As they are soooo soft my only complaint is with the contour looking brush, it's just not stiff enough for the job and tends to flick contour powder off the face, however it does work well to blend contour or bronzer once you've laid it down.  

Both the quality and details to these brushes are spot on and dare I say it I think I love them more than my unicorn brushes!

Favourite Brushes

The powder brush for me is just perfect. It's large, weighty, and with the softest bristles that gently sweep powder over the face which is exactly what you want when it comes to setting with loose powder. I'm also partial to a good blusher brush, especially a small one, so the one in this set fits the bill perfectly for me and with magical unicorn handle it just makes it a special brush in my collection.

I've also been getting quite a bit of use from the pointed crease brush as it's good for laying down a precise amount of dark eyeshadow at the outer corners of the eye, which then can be blended out perfectly. For someone like me that's often heavy handed with dark eyeshadow as I always go for too large a brush this more precise brush is working well for me. However on the whole, my favourites are the face brushes as they are so weighty and wonderful!

Okay, I promise that's it for my eBay makeup brush reviews for a while! 

If you have any beauty related eBay items you would like to see a review of just let me know in the comments. 

Fee xo. 

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