eBay Bargains #74 - Blogging Essentials

It's been more than awhile since I've put together a blogger themed eBay finds post and as it went down well last time I thought I'd create a more updated version

I've made sure to include items that I already use for blogging and UK items where I can - fast delivery! Hope you find a few bargain buys here!

LED Camera Ring Light £19.95 HERE 
Forget bulky, not to mention pricey, photography lighting (unless you always take blog photos at night) a ring light is where it's at! This simply fits over your camera lens (compatible with Nikon and Canon cameras) and has different brightness settings to light up your subject. It also has the option to be kept on or used as a larger flash. Very much worth looking into (details in the eBay listing) if you often struggle with bad lighting/grainy or blurred images.

Motivational Display Cards £9.24 x 52 HERE & £6.99 foil x 40 HERE 
These are one of my favourite things to use on social media! Instead of pinching someone else's pre-made motivational images you can photograph one of these cards in a pretty setting and voila! These also work well placed on backgrounds in blog images. I have both of these sets and continuous use them and find them really good quality. These are sadly limited stock on the listing but it's worth clicking through to the seller page as there are many options available!

5 in 1 Reflector Set with Bag £7.99 HERE 
If you struggle with annoying shadows or a darker cast to one side of your photography background/setup then you need a reflector to bounce the light back onto your subject to brighten everything up. This 5 in 1 reflector covers all bases and can be held over your subject or propped up. It also comes with a handy carry bag to store it neatly away. Really good value for money!

Phone LED Ring Light £3.99 HERE 
Much like the first LED camera ring light this is a mini version for your phone! This simple ring light lights up whatever you're photographing and is ideal for using for your Instagram photos. I can't get enough of mine! It also doubles up as a selfie light when placed the opposite way round on your front facing camera.

Magnetic Whiteboard Weekly Planner £7.99 HERE 
I couldn't be without my whiteboard weekly planner. At the start of each week I jot down all the blog posts I plan to write and wipe or tick them off as I go. A total essential for me. 

Wire Micro String Lights £3.95 HERE 
These tiny wire battery operated lights are ideal for placing in blog photos as they can be manipulated to fit in between whatever you are photographing or even entwined around products. Delicate yet effective! These are a bargain!

Marble Contact Paper (for DIY backgrounds) £4.99 50x60cm HERE
If you are looking for a long term solution for your blog photography background then marble contact paper is what you need! You will also need a thin piece of board (DIY stores sell light plywood) which you can carefully cover in your wipeable and durable marble sticky back plastic. I've had my own DIY marble background for years and it's still going strong!

White Tack £1.89 HERE
You may be wondering why I'm suggesting white tack! Well, it's ideal for keeping products you are photographing in place! If you're a fellow beauty blogger you will know the frustration of rolling products just as your about to press your camera shutter. A teeny tiny piece of white tack later and your problem is solved! 

SD Card Storage Case £1.39 HERE 
I annoyingly couldn't fit this item in the above image but still wanted to include it as it's such a handy item. If like me you have multiple SD cards hanging around which often go missing them a slim aluminium storage case for them makes total sense. Only £1.39 with free p&p and there's a rose gold option (just make sure to message seller with colour preference)

Hopefully, these blogging essentials can be as handy as they are for me!

Let me know if you pick any of these items up, either on here or Twitter! 

Fee xo.

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