eBay Bargains #73 - Pastel Perfection

Spring is officially just around the corner and I for one couldn't be more ready for it. Right about now we are all feeling the effects of short daylight hours and Winter's chill so a little lusting after what's to come in the form of pastel shades can do no hard! 

Below you will find a range of eBay items I love the look of, I've ordered a few, and the best part of all... most are low spend at £1-3! Guilt-free spring spending right here!

Pastel Spiral Cotton Buds £2.25 HERE 
(tub of 200)
Everything is nicer in pastel shades, right? Even ear buds! Actually, as these are the special spiral kind of cotton buds on one end you can use these for cleaning up makeup mistakes (no annoying whispy fibres to them) or to clean up around the nails after painting them. Cute and handy! Available in 6 different colours. 

Rose Gold Speckled Glass Tea Light/Votive Holders £5.99 HERE
(set of three)
These are just the prettiest. I love speckled mercury glass anyway but when it's rose gold I can't resist it! Perfect for burning Yankee Candle votive candles in and they will create a nice glow through the mercury glass. Also available in silver and gold.

Watercolour Post-it Notes 99p HERE 
I actually received this very item last week so I can say that these sticky notes are just as dreamy in real life. Unique and a cute little extra for on your desk. Available in lots of other shapes and watercolour designs. 

Rose Gold Foundation Blending Brush £1.39 HERE 
Another past eBay buy here and one I can't recommend enough! Amazing value and such good quality for the price. Expect a luxury soft feeling brush that is ideal to use with liquid foundation. One of my most favourite eBay finds! 

Watercolour Motivational iPhone Covers £2.15 HERE 
Can we take a moment to appreciate how amazing these phone cases are! I absolutely love them, but I am weeping softly as they don't fit my phone (fit - 6/6s, 6 plus, 6s plus, 7, 7 plus). So many amazing uplifting designs to the listing.

Grey Structured Handbag £16.98 HERE 
Spring always calls for a new handbag for me. I always like to go for soft tones and something with a bit of structure to it. This is one of my latest favourite finds on eBay. I will of course have a peek on ASOS first, but if I can't find anything I will be snapping this gorgeous bag up. Available in 6 different colours.

Rose Gold Eye Makeup Brush Set £2.99 HERE 
(set of twelve)
Another past eBay purchases here! I mean how could I resist 12 brushes for under £3 - I couldn't! Not all of the brushes to the set are the right shape, however there are some dream brushes in here that I use instead of my Sigma blending brushes! All really soft and with minimal shedding. Available in other colours in the listing. 

Floral Motivational Cushion Cover £2.15 HERE 
(Pattern #14) 
I love finding on-trend cushions like this one! Ideal for using over an existing cushion or as the material is fairly hard wearing using as an outdoor cushion in spring/summer. I thinking I will be picking up this cushion cover along with a few others. A ton of similar designs to the listing!

Cute Pastel Cat No Show Socks £2.49 HERE 
(set of 5) 
Lastly, I just had to include these cute little socks. I struggle to find cute non-plain socks to wear with low sided boots and Converse so these would be ideal. Also available in single pairs for 99p each in the listing.

Off for a little eBay Spring spend now.

Let me know your favourites here!

Fee xo. 

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