How To Blog Happy in 2017

Right about now most of us will be feeling super inspired and motivated for the year a head. And if you're a blogger that will also mean writing down ideas like crazy whilst throwing yourself straight back into blogging! I know I'm glad to get back into the routine of it. Minus the constant struggle of taking photos in Winter, mind!

So with blog post ideas flowing and hopefully a much more positive year ahead, I thought I'd share a few pieces of advice that I plan to put to use straight away on and hopefully you can too for a happy blogging experience in 2017!

Be Relatable
For me 2017 is the year of relatable blogging! Of course I don't know about anyone else but I personally want everyone that reads my blog to feel they can relate to what I'm putting out there. Whether that's only reviewing/featuring low cost body moisturisers, because I don't know a single person that spends more than £10 on one. Or sharing a few personal posts on overcoming anxiety and dealing with hair loss. Basically I want my blog posts to be relaxed but informative and most importantly relatable!

But Most Importantly Be You 
Carrying on from my above point I think it's so so important to stay true to who you are in life, which if you are a blogger should also carry on through to your blog. I've always believed that a blog is your own piece of the internet to do with as you wish with. So if that means your more into cooking than beauty products right now, then blog about it! Make it a part of your blog... because why not! For me this means blogging possibly about self care, books and of course makeup, because I'm still in love with it!

Be Realistic 
Whether you blog as a hobby or as a way to make an income I think it's important to be realistic in what you want to achieve and how you go about doing it. The more you blog isn't essentially the way to gain readers, so starting 2017 with the plan to daily blog may end in a lack of quality content and a feeling of being burnt out! This also goes for social media, the more time you spend on it doesn't necessarily equate to better stats or more followers. Of course as a blogger you have a passion for creating, but it's about respecting that passion as well as yourself. So make 2017 a year of balance! No crazy set rules or feeling you need to be doing what everyone else is doing. Just work at your own pace and enjoy it!

Be Inspired But Don't Compare 
"Comparison is the thief of joy" from Theodore Roosevelt, is one of my most favourite quotes. In this modern age comparison seems to have seeped into everything, I mean is it truly normal to compare your own eyebrows to someone elses? However being aware that comparison truly is the thief of joy and will only serve to make you unhappy if the first step to stopping the mental comparison your brain has got into the habit of doing! This of course relates to blogging as it's so easy to compare a fellow bloggers success or even rate of success to what you will think is a lack of your own. This can easily rob you of motivation, even when you think comparison is the only way to achieve it, leaving you feeling lacklustre and demotivated. My personal way to avoid comparing my blog to anyone else's is to be inspired instead. In fact I have a secret board for this on Pinterest where I pin blogs I love and blog posts that have impressed and inspired me. This isn't often directly taken as inspiration for my own blog but to just enjoy others work without comparison... and it works! I feel good about my own blog and love seeing other blogs doing amazing things as well. 

If you're a fellow blogger then I hope my four tips have been helpful and can help you blog happy, as I like to put it, in 2017! 

Fee xo.
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