eBay Bargains #71 - 99p Finds


Guilt-free shopping! One of my most favourite posts to put together! All eBay items below include free delivery and no taxes are ever incurred. Happy shopping!

1. Cactus/Succulent Keyring 99p HERE
Okay, how cute?! If you are loving the cactus trend then you may want to snap one of these up. I went for two as I couldn't decide which to go for. These look well made from the thicker metal ring and the extra accessory next to each plant is just adorable. I'm sure I will be picking up a few more in the future as Birthday presents. One of my favourite finds here! 

2. Set of 4 Eyeshadow Blending Brushes 99p HERE
I own 3 sets of these eyeshadow brushes now because they are just fab for the money. I use them for blending out eyeshadow of course but also as concealer brushes and I can say that they're soft and blend product well. Ideal if you want extra eye brushes but without the cost.

3. Floral Design Post It Notes 99p HERE
Quirky stationery is always fun so when I came across these I knew I had to include them. These floral memo pads come in 8 different designs and would look nice on any desk. 

4. Metal Animal Hair Grips 99p HERE
Another favourite find here! This listing includes the most gorgeous detailed hair grips I've ever seen. From origami designs to detailed animals there's a wide range to pick from. I also really like these geometric tortoise hair clips along with this set of 2 gold bee hair clips which I decided to buy. 

5. Silicone iPhone cases 99p HERE
It wouldn't be a 99p eBay finds post without including a few phone cases. If you have followed my eBay posts for a while you will know I'm slightly obsessed when it comes to 99p cases - I just can't get enough of them! The listing includes 30 on-trend designs that fit nearly all iPhone models. They are also made from silicone which means they are easy to take on and off but still protect your phone well. 

6. Heart-Shaped Powder Brush 99p HERE
An ultra cute makeup brush find here! Very kawaii/sailor moon inspired I'm feeling and something I couldn't resist snapping up... again! Made from cruelty-free nylon fibres the brush looks soft and well made and I can't get over the soft lilac handle with the pink! 

7. Dainty Pineapple Necklace 99p HERE
Often jewellery can be a bit hit and miss on eBay but look well enough and you can find some bargain gems. This is stunning miniature pineapple necklace that doesn't look tacky in the least... well for a pineapple necklace at least! 

8. Set of 2 Cactus Pens 99p HERE
I featured this set of three pens in my last eBay bargains post and I'm also waiting for my delivery of them. A total novelty buy and pretty ridiculous but that's the point of them! 

9. Cactus Enamel Pins 99p HERE 
Keeping with the cactus theme I came across these amazing plant pins. Enamel pins are very much on trend right now and could be worn on a bag or even a shirt or sweater. I'm very tempted to pick up a few to wear on a plain black sweater now.

Hope you've found some items from this little lot!

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Fee xo. 

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