eBay Bargains #70 - Makeup Storage

 Marble/Copper Cosmetic Storage Case 
 £24.99 HERE 
First up, the most on-trend makeup storage cases you ever did see! As you can see there are two options to pick from - Silver/Marble or Rose Gold/Back both of which unfold out to reveal four tiered compartments along with a bottom compartment. I personally love the rose gold case and think it would be a great option if you have out grown your makeup bag and want something that holds much more. The best hard case makeup storage I've seen!

 Cosmetic Sponge Drying Holder 
 99p HERE 
Now this is a pretty ingenious idea! 1. This holder means your makeup sponge can dry without any bacteria forming 2. It keeps it from rolling off your dressing table. Super cheap and very handy if you own a makeup sponge/beauty blender. You can also find a multi makeup sponge holder that holds 8 sponges here for only £3.38.

 Acrylic 4-Section Brush Holder 
 £6.95 HERE  
 If you own more than a few makeup brushes a good size holder is a must. I already own a 3-compartment  acrylic holder and I'm so glad I picked it up. It holds so many brushes and the compartments allow you to organise them into different brush types for the face and eyes for example. This one looks really good quality and is affordable. 

 Makeup Brush Drying Rack 
 £2.84 HERE 
 This strange contraption is for holding your makeup brushes upside down after washing them. This means the water drips away from the ferrule of the brush and they dry their natural shape. If you own a few expensive brushes that you really want to look after then this will make sure they stay in tip top condition. Also could be used as a brush holder when not using it as a drying rack!

 Lotus Cotton Bud Holder 
 £2.28 HERE 
 A lovely bathroom accessory here that holds cotton buds. This means you can ditch the boring cotton bud packaging and store them in a beautiful lotus next to the sink or on a windowsill. Definitely not an essential but really pretty and inexpensive. Choice of colours available.

 Acrylic 24 Lipstick Holder Storage 
 £14.99 HERE 
 If you are a lipstick lover like myself then keeping all your favourites organised and to hand is a must. This stunning acrylic holder will not only look good on your dressing table but will make you use more of your favourite shades. Available in clear acrylic and black acrylic.
Acrylic 4 Drawer Makeup Storage Tower 
£10.97 HERE 
One of my most favourite makeup storage options here that is incredibly inexpensive yet well made. This was my second makeup tower purchase after spending quite a bit of money on Muji acrylic storage and other than the difference in handles the quality is the exact same, in fact the acrylic is thicker than the Muji storage. The unit includes 2 wide drawers, 2 small drawers and a large organiser that can be kept onto of the drawer unit or used separately. Acrylic storage stands the test of time and is the best way to store makeup in my opinion.

False Eyelashes Storage Case 
£1.54 HERE
If you're a lover of false lashes then you may want to pick up this handy storage case. Perfect for keeping your lashes safe after use! I personally don't use false lashes but I know this case would come in handy for quite a few people. 
Happy bargain shopping! 

Fee xo.
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