eBay Bargains #68 - New Year Budget Buys

Fruit Infused Water Bottle 
£4.99 - multiple colours HERE
I think after all the indulgence of Christmas we are all aiming to get back to our normal eating habits and to drink more water. One of these compact bottles that can be used to infuse water with fruit is ideal for your handbag or taking out on a walk due to the handy wrist strap. If you are looking for a larger bottle for your desk or to make sure you drink enough throughout the day then these 800ml infused water bottles are another inexpensive option.

Silicone Foundation Makeup Applicator 
99p HERE 
If you hadn't noticed these strange silicone applicators have taken the online beauty community by storm in the last few months. They may look like silicone bra inserts but I promise you they aren't, in fact they are supposed to be the new way to apply foundation. I'm not fully convinced but for 99p it's worth a go! You can also find a UK seller of them here for £4.89 if you don't want to wait for international delivery!

Personalised 2017 Diary 
No.4 (seen above) £6.99 HERE  
If you are looking to get organised this year then what better way than to treat yourself to a personalised diary! I absolutely love this, and from having a personalised notebook before I can truly say you will cherish it and people will often ask you about it! Also you could even make this a personalised blog  planner, though I would message the seller before buying to check if they can print your blog name onto the notebook.

Motivational Art Prints 
A5 - £1.99 & A4 £2.49 HERE 
I love motivational prints and having them dotted around my home really helps me to feel more positive.  This UK seller has so many amazing affordable prints from Bible quotes to girlboss style motivation. The above is one of my favourites that I'm very tempted to hang in a pretty copper frame.

Stone Effect Silicone Phone Covers 
For all iPhone 99p HERE 
New year, new phone case I say! But then I would say that because I'm seemingly addicted to buying phone covers from eBay! These are my latest find and for 99p they are pretty damn amazing. I love silicone cases as they protect the phone, don't scratch and can be easily removed in place of a new cover. I've already pick up the 'Enjoy Every Moment' marble case along with a stone effect case and highly rate them for the price!

Weight Loss Countdown Plaque 
£5.99 HERE  
Lastly if you are aiming to lose weight right now I wanted to recommend a super motivational weight loss plaque. I picked up one of these from eBay last year and having a constant visual of how far I'd come really did help me! An odd item to include but one that is so helpful with weight loss, I promise.

Hope you've found a few bargain buys here for the year ahead!

Fee xo.

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