Room 101: Beauty Edition


One of my guilty pleasures is watching back to back episodes of Room 101. It's not really a guilty pleasure... more a waste of time generally when I should be doing something else! 

If you aren't familiar with the comedy/tongue-in-cheek style programme it's a series in which celebrities are invited to share their pet hates in hope that the host will agree and banish it to Room 101; a fictional kind of hell! 

So today I thought I would submit my own beauty pet hates that I feel are deserving of Room 101. Let me know if you agree!

Sponge Eyeshadow Applicators 
Isn't it about time makeup brands ditched the useless sponge eyeshadow applicators from palettes? I think it is! To be far high end brands now provide compact brushes and from time to time lower end brands do as well, but for the main part crappy sponge applicators are still around! Most people that wear makeup own a few brushes and if they don't then using fingertips would work better than attempting to apply eyeshadow with a small rough sponge. I'd love to see the back of these pointless applicators in makeup palettes!

Unhygienic Makeup Testers 
Over the years I've banged on about this problem quite a bit and will carry on doing so until the right measures are put into place to keep makeup shoppers health safe! I'm talking all the messy over used and unsanitized makeup you see on makeup stands. Makeup counters of course keep their makeup in pristine condition regularly sanitising products but sadly the same can't be said for high street makeup stands in various stores. It's common to see people at makeup stands directly applying makeup to their eyes and lips and it makes me shudder knowing that the products they are apply are unhygienic and could possibly contain e-coli along with other harmful bacteria and even cause bacterial conjunctivitis! I really feel strict rules should be put into place about this now!

The New Type of Brows 
This may be a controversial one but when did eyebrows become an entire process from outlining the shape to filling them in with micro brush strokes to give that ombre effect and not to mention 'carving them out'. I've even managed to get sucked into it and can often spend 15 minutes perfecting my eyebrows! Surely a comb through and eyebrow pencil is enough? I'd love to see eyebrows become slightly more realistic and less Instagram perfect!

Fake Makeup on eBay 
Fake makeup on eBay has become a huge problem over the past 10 years, so much so that there is now more fake makeup on the selling site than genuine makeup! This means that more and more customers are unknowingly buying counterfeit makeup that skip all checks and regulations and have in the past shown to often contain banned ingredients that could be harmful when applied to the skin. eBay really do need to crack down on this and remove counterfeit products that are listed (they are pretty obvious to spot if you know what you are looking for) and make buyers much more aware! I also have a bug bear with endless Facebook groups full of makeup lovers sharing which fake products are available and are best to buy. They surely know the risks and the possible carcinogenic risks but are ignoring this just for the price and look of a product! This also needs to be cracked down on by Facebook as it's certainly giving out the message that fake makeup is safe to use. I could go on all day about this issue but fake makeup 100% needs to go into room 101! 

Do you agree with my room 101 choices? 

Let me know your own beauty pet hates. I'd love to read them!

Fee xo. 

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