Matalan Christmas Decor Haul 2016


Right about now I start to get excited about the prospect of decorating my home for Christmas. Each year I like to renew baubles and add a few more decorations and festive ornaments to my already pretty large collection. 

Matalan have been my go-to for Christmas decorations for years now as they are not only affordable but they always impress me with their unique designs. Below is a look at what you can expect to find online and in-store from Matalan this Christmas! 

If like me you also pick up multiple gifts from Matalan as well as Christmas decorations you may be interested to hear that that you can use online discount codes to make your festive shopping even cheaper. I found 3 active money saving codes for Matalan on a website called Codesium. The lowest spend code and ideal if you are picking up a few gifts along with some Christmas decorations is £6 off £60 with code 660MAT which can be used at the checkout and even applies to click and collect orders!

Onto my Matalan Christmas Decor haul now and all the wonderful products I decided to go for... I'm literally pleased with everything! 


10 Clear Tree Jewels £3.00 HERE
When it comes to baubles I like to buy them in packs as they are better value for money and of course can be spread over the tree. I don't follow a particular theme for my Christmas tree but anything light reflective is a winner for me and these mini plastic jewels will do just that. Perfect for hanging next to each light on your tree to maximise twinkle! 

3 Iridescent Icicles £3.00 HERE 
So I just had to pick up these amazing icicle decorations! Because just look at them! Call them iridescent icicles or unicorn horns, either way they are just stunning and will really stand out against the dark green foliage of a Christmas tree. These look much more expensive than £1.00 each and now I know how amazing they are I think I will be placing another online order for more.

Christmas Wishlist Slate Sign £3.00 HERE 
Each year Matalan have a few slate signs like this to hang up around the home and I find them such good quality. This year's slate sign is in the shape of a gift tag and hangs by a tartan ribbon with quite a cute Christmas wishlist in different fonts.


LED Dome Medium £8.00 (out of stock online)
Each year Matalan have one of the best and most affordable ranges of Christmas LED decorations that really are just stunning. I struggled to pick up just two LED pieces but I think I went for the right ones as they look amazing at night. The first glass dome that's quite an adequate size is on a lovely wooden base and contains micro wire fairy lights. Of course this could be used as a decoration any time of the year which is another reason for buying it, but it will also go with Christmas decor. It's also battery operated which come included. Just such a stunning ornament for only £8.00!

LED Globe Ornament £8.00 (out of stock online)
I also picked up this super cute light-up house domed decoration that again I'm so pleased with for the price. This is smaller in height but it perfectly detailed and gives off a wonderful glow. Possibly my favourite buy of my Matalan Christmas haul. I can't stop looking at it! Perfect for a living room but I can also imagine it looking lovely on a bedside table.


Robin Tankard Mug £2.00 (out of stock online)
I'm all about festive mugs come November so had to pick up a few to add to my collection. My first pick was this dainty looking robin mug with teeny tiny baby blue polka dots that reminds me of something you would see from Emma Bridgewater. The robin illustration is featured on both sides and feels and looks really nice quality.

Festive Dog Tankard Mug £3.00 (out of stock online)
The other mug I picked up is full-on Christmas with an ultra festive design that features a Dachshund dog driving a car in the snow with gifts and a Christmas tree on the roof - you can't get much more festive than that! The mug again feels really good quality and is slightly bigger in size and thicker.

Robin & Xmas Holiday Recipe £1.50 each (out of stock online)
I also decided as my kitchen always lacks decoration come Christmas time I'd give it some festive cheer with two themed tea towels. The illustrated robin design has to be my favourite as it matches the above mug and doesn't look like it would cost only £1.50. The other tea towel has a printed 'Christmas Holiday Recipe' that again is lovely and would look nice hung on the wall.


Festive Cupcake Decoration Set £3.00 HERE
Keeping with the kitchenware theme I picked up a fun little cupcake decoration set that contains 12 red and white cupcake cases and 12 santa and snowman picks to decorate. This is ideal for some festive baking I have planned for December and I can't wait to buy a few silver sprinkles and get making some Christmas cupcakes now.
Metallic Twine In Jar £2.50 HERE
Lastly I picked up a jar of twine.... which I probably didn't need but it looked cute. I will admit I didn't get why it needed to be in a jar but now I understand that it means there's no chance for the twine getting knotted! Plus I'm sure I will find a use for the jar once I've used up the twine on wrapping up Christmas gifts with. Also for £2.50 you receive a huge 30 metres! 

Hope you enjoyed seeing some of my decorations. Happy shopping and don't forget to use a discount code where you can!

 Let me know what you love most from what I picked up from Matalan this Christmas!

Fee xo.

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