eBay Bargains #66 - Unicorn Makeup Brushes (all under £10)


1. Unicorn Bristles Grey Makeup Brush Set
£7.69 for 5 brushes HERE
Can we just take a moment to appreciate this makeup brush set please? 
Taken a moment? OMFG these are amazing?! These could have been made by unicorns I think, no human could come up with something as equally chic and whimsical! As I have zero restraint when it comes to amazing looking brush sets I snapped these up and now can't wait for them to arrive. Side note - still swooning over the pastel multicoloured bristles a week later! - '5PCS Silver A' in drop down menu in listing

2. Rose Gold & Pastel Unicorn Makeup Brush Set
£6.99 for 6 multicolour brushes HERE
Another stunning set that I actually already own the rose gold version of (pretty but not as pretty as these!). The handles aren't full size so I use them as travel brushes and they work well for that purpose I find. Really soft and I strangely love the feel of the handles to these. - '6PCS Multicolor' in drop down menu in listing

3. Spectrum Siren Dupe Makeup Brush Set
£5.99 for 10 brushes HERE 
Finally some Spectrum style brushes are coming onto eBay and at only £5.99! These look incredibly similar to the Spectrum Siren collection with the difference being that the ferrules aren't as iridescent. I have a similar plain set of these 10 brushes so I can say that the bristles are ultra soft and the handles and ferrules are well made. I'm currently trying to resist these but I know I will cave and buy them at the end of the month, especially as they're only £5.99! 

4. Purple Ombre Multicoloured Makeup Brush Set
£8.99 for 7 brushes HERE
Similar to the #2 makeup brushes set but full size these look amazing (all the brushes in this listing are stunning in fact!) and again are done well so they don't look cheap or tacky. Another set I'm so tempted by but I will have to say no to these as I do have a similar rose gold set that I love. - '7PCS Purple' in drop down menu in listing

5. Multicolourd Metallic Oval Brush Set with Stand
£10.49 for 5 brushes + stand HERE
Love oval brushes? Well they just got a multicoloured chrome makeover! Oval brushes are certainly a new way of applying makeup and give the ultimate flawless finish especially to base products. These are verging on tacky but I kinda' like them! 

6. Laduree Dupe Makeup Brushes
£6.50 each HERE  
Lastly I had to include these dupe brushes that look gorgeous but I'm on the fence as to whether the quality of the bristles would be good enough. Also for £6.50 per brush they aren't the cheapest option here however I wanted to include them as the actual Le Merveilleuses Laduree makeup brushes retail for around $80 each?! 

Hope you've found some unicorn inspired makeup brushes here! 

Fee xo. 

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