5 Highly Effective Beauty Products


Sometimes you come across a beauty product that just works. It works it all the ways you hoped it would and more. It's not a fluke or that your skin is a match for the product but because it's highly effective. 

These are the true gems of our makeup bags that we don't hesitate to re-purchase and don't really care about the price much. 

Below are five of my own highly effective beauty products that I'd recommend to anyone. They are products that have wow'd me and make a noticeable difference. I'd love to know your own 'highly effective' picks! 


Charlotte Tilbury Pillowtalk Lip Cheat
£16.00 CT online (receive free samples!) here or Selfridges here 
This was a purchase enabled by many a beauty blogger review and as a none lip liner lover I decided it was time I take a leap of faith and fine a product that could be a base for most lip colours I wear. And I'm soooo glad I went for this now for 2 reasons - 1. This really is a lip cheat in that it's a fool proof way to make your lips appear bigger in seconds, literally magic! 2. It's an amazing liner for all lipsticks making them stay put for longer and stops any feathering. If you have fair skin then this will be the most perfect lip shade for you but if you are darker you will also find a 'your lips but better shade' in the Lip Cheat range. I now often skip lipstick altogether and wear this alone as it's beyond flattering and makes the lips appear fuller. The only slight downside is that due to the creaminess of the pencil it does require sharpening fairly often meaning that with regular use it won't last you over 6-7 months I'd imagine.

Pixi Glow Tonic Exfoliating Toner
£18.00/250ml ASOS here or £10.00/100ml M&S here
Pixi Glow Tonic is a staple of many thanks to skincare guru Caroline Hirons who raved about it (and still does) a few years ago. This is without a doubt Pixi's bestselling product as it's just so damn effective at making skin look brighter and younger. If you are totally new to the chemical toner, which isn't as scary as it sounds, you simple wipe it over the face both day and night and within days you will notice a difference in skin texture and brightness. I really don't know where I would be without this product! A total skincare staple!

Butter London Nail Foundation Flawless Basecoat
£14.95 Fruugo here or smaller size in gift set for £11.99 here
A few years ago my constant use of nail polish got the better of my nails. They were highly stained and ridges were becoming a problem that even nail polish couldn't mask. I had two options, go nail polish free or find a nail polish base that actually worked. I of course went for the latter and after a few hours of searching I decided Butter London's Nail foundation looked a good choice. Since then applying this base coat has become an essential step in all my manicures and I don't think I'm skipped using it since snapping it up! Gone are my yellow stained nails and with the combination of  regular buffing and this base coat, that literally acts like a primer, my nails look shiny and flawless when nail polish is applied. I wouldn't ever consider another base coat now!

Dove Maximum Protection Deodorant 
£4.99 Boots here or most Supermarkets 
Adding a deodorant to my 'highly effective' list seems such a boring choice but when I first tried this I remember how impressed I was, something that had never happened with a deodorant before. Why is this so special? Well as the name states it's 100% maximum protection and can be applied at night to be affective the next day. Also as this is a cream deodorant (I was never a fan before I tried this one) it lasts around 1-2 months making it pretty good value for money. I'm also quite pleased that I'm no longer spraying fumes into the environment. It you are curious about this deodorant don't let the higher than average price point put you off as it's more than worth it.

Benefit Ready, Set, Brow! Clear Brow Gel 
£18.50 Boots here or Feel Unique here
Before discovering this product I would have told you that a brow gel is a brow gel and all did the same job. But since using this beauty I can see error in my judgement as this really is the best product I've used to keep my brows in place and is practically waterproof. Ideal for unruly brows, brows that require a lot of filling in or light brows that you apply quite a bit of product to, with this gel you know your eyebrows will stay exactly how you want them until you cleanse at night. I put this brow gel to test on holiday recently and even when swimming and in the heat this product held up. Also thanks to a tip from Nikkie Tutorials on YouTube I often use a small amount of the this clear brow gel on my lids and then apply glitter/loose pigments as they stay so much better that way. I equally love the tinted version Gimme Brow - basically Benefit know what they are doing when it comes to brow products!

Totally loved writing this blog post because these are all products that have blown me away and I'd always recommend. 

Let me know if you agree or disagree with any of my choices here! 

Fee xo. 

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