4 Unique Lush Products You May Have Overlooked

Lush are known for their bath bombs, bubble bars and soaps which are pretty fabulous I have to agree. But Lush have so much more to offer than just bath products! 

Here I wanted to share with you four Lush products you might have never considered before but are worth trying out, whether that's having a sniff/look in-store or putting a few items on your Christmas list this year! I love finding new Lush product so I hope you find something new to try out here!

Let The Good Times Roll Cleanser
£7.25/100g HERE
Starting off with skincare, because Lush actually do some fab products for the face, I have the most fun and yummiest cleanser. Unless you actually took the time to look at this product in store I think most people would miss that this cleanser is actually popcorn scented (with real popcorn pieces!) and feels very much like play dough. I told you it was fun! This natural cleanser contains only 9 ingredients of which 8 are natural making it perfect for all skintypes but works especially well on sensitive blemish-prone skin as it melts away makeup and grime whilst gently exfoliating with the grainy polenta. Also as only a pea sized amount is required the 100g tub will last you quite some time. A fun cleanser to use and ideal if you are trying to avoid SLS's in your face products. 

Ro's Argan Body Conditioner 
£16.50/ 225g HERE
If there was a right time to mention Ro's Argan Body Conditioner then it would be right about now, just as we are going into the colder months as this is one perfect product for autumn/winter for many reasons! Firstly I feel I need to explain what Lush's Body Conditioners actually is (available in other scents including Snow Fairy!). Much like hair conditioner but for the body, the buttery cream is to be used in either the bath or shower over the skin and then rinsed off. Once dried off you will notice how moisturised and radiant your skin is! Which is exactly why this is a perfect product for winter as you are able to moisturise your skin in the shower and use it in place of a shower gel. I also adore the argan/rose scent which is incredibly unique to Lush and such a comforting smell. If you don't want to splash out of a full size tub as it is a little steep in price, I highly recommend treating yourself to the Butterfly gift set for £8.95, which includes a 45g tub of Ro's Argan Body Conditioner (around a month's worth) plus a slice of Serendipity soap.

Honey I Washed My Hair Shampoo Bar 
£5.95 HERE 
Okay, so you may be thinking "Fee, shampoo bars aren't exactly unique" and I would agree with you. But I feel you're either in the solid shampoo camp or you're not... and most people aren't. It still seems a slightly 'hippie/festival-goer' concept dare I say it and the pro's of using a shampoo bar over a standard bottle of shampoo other than zero packaging aren't that obvious. But once you give a Lush Shampoo Bar a try I'm pretty sure most people will see the benefits of it and be converted. I've tried a few shampoo bars from Lush now and my latest bar 'Honey I Washed My Hair' is my favourite in scent as it's a mix of toffee and honey which is just amazing together. I also find all the bars lather up well (I prefer to rub it between wet hands than directly onto my hair) and doesn't leave my hair feeling as dry or stripped pre-conditioner. Shampoo bars are also cost effective as they last an impressive 5-6 months! If you try one shampoo bar in your life make sure it's from Lush and the lovely Honey I Washed My Hair scent.

Vanilla Puff Dusting Powder
£7.50/70g (now discontinued) other scents HERE
It's not often I come to write about a product and find out it's been discontinued! But I can still talk about the product as it's thankfully only the Vanilla Puff scent that's no longer available. So ignoring the scent and focusing on the dusting powder this is a lovely multi-purpose body product that can be used over the body after a bath or shower for some silky smooth skin. It can also be used a dry shampoo and if you love the scent that much you can even sprinkle and rub the powder onto towels and linen to fragrance them. This is also a good holiday/summer product to remove sand from feet and even to dust over the body to remove that tacky feeling after applying suncream! As you can see this product does a lot and will literally last years! Once I finish my vanilla puff scent I will be trying the new Fairy Dust Dusting Powder!

I know I will have some readers that are serious Lush fans, so if you're one of them I'd LOVE to hear your own recommendations of some unique products I should try out next! 

Hope you've found something nice here! 

Fee xo. 
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