My eBay Phone Case Obsession/Collection

As some of you may know I have quite the problem when it comes to buying phone cases from eBay. I think once I realised the ease and joy of silicone cases and that most phone covers on ebay cost between £1-3 there was literally no stopping me! 

So today I thought I'd come clean and share my eBay phone case stash with you - I promise I actually rotate and use all of them!

All links are to eBay listings that are compatible for most iPhone models. Plus free p&p!

Soft Silicone Phone Cases 


Blue Mehndi Illustration #3-7
A really detailed mehndi pattern in a drawn illustration style. I've used this quite a bit and the pattern hasn't come off or faded. 

White Mehndi Flower
99p similar LINK HERE 
A lovely flexible case with just enough clear parts to show the phone back underneath. All cutouts for charging and earphones in the right place, as with all the silicone cases here.

Transparent Cherries #29
I had to be restraint and not buy all the lovely fruit cases that are in the same listing as this case. A really good fit and I love how it looks on my phone. 

Rose Gold Crystal 3D 
This is actually my current phone case and I'm really loving it. It's quite a bit thicker than the other silicone cases I own and feels super sturdy and robust. I've had quite a few comments on this case as well!

More Soft Silicone Phone Cases 


Green Banana Palm Leaf
This does look slightly different to the listing I bought it from so I did receive a partly refund which I was happy with. It is however a nice case and it looked lovely when I used it in the summer months. 

Blue Glacier Marble Effect #3
I'm pretty sure this was one of the first eBay phone covers I picked up and when it arrived I didn't think it was anything special. However on the phone it really does look good and looks much more realistic and like a hard shell case. I will probably end up picking a few more glacier style cases.

Autumn Orchid Palm - #06
One of my most recent purchases as it has a lovely autumn vibe about it. I love that it includes palm leaves and deep burgundy orchids - such a lovely print. Also another slightly thicker silicone case, great if you are prone to dropping your phone! Side note - the top button is a little hard to press but still works.

Hard Plastic Phone Cases 


Shakespeare Flora Quote #3 
I totally love this quote and have got so much wear out of this phone case. It is a hard case so expect it to receive a few scratches over time but it's definitely good quality for costing only 99p! Love this one. 

Beige Stone Marble
Probably the only phone case I was disappointed with as it just doesn't look as good as in the listing. Much more beige in colour and just a bit bland if I'm honest. Wouldn't really recommend this one.

Iconemesis Feather
Ahh, this is a total favourite of mine and actually quite discounted on eBay right now! I love the delicate and detailed feather design. Another that I've had a few compliments on, asking where I got it from. Available in both a glossy or matte finish.

Seasonal Christmas Phone Cases 

(all hard cases) 


Pink Multi Glitter
Not really full on Christmas here but I thought I'd put it in this section as the listing does contain some more festive glitter choices! This really is super girly and glittery. Not in the least bit practical as things do snag on it but I love how full on it is and how it catches the light. 

Vintage Fairy Wrapping Paper Style
Totally in love with this phone case! I'm counting down the days until I can use it - November !st I'm thinking! Quite often Christmas phone cases are tacky and not really my style but I managed to find this listing with some lovely delicate and vintage designs. This totally reminds me of wrapping paper I had on Christmas morning as a child so it's very nostalgic for me... also how cute is the little fairy?

Winter Mittens Illustration  
Another Christmas phone case from the same listing that I couldn't resist for only 99p! The illustration includes tied together mittens, acorns and other foliage. Really lovely and wintry.  I also found another amazing eBay Christmas phone case listing recently and picked up style 'N' which is so amazing, again only 99p!

What's your favourite phone case here? I'd love to know!

You can find more phone cases I love here & here.  

Fee xo.  

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