Here's What Happened When I Shaved My Face For A Year

Yes, you read that correctly. I shaved my face with a razor for an entire year (actually two) - and I liked it! 


Okay, I know this doesn't seem the norm, but exactly why is it seen as unacceptable NOT to shave our underarm hair but as equally unaccepted to shave our face as a women. Basically if you want to shave or not shave any part of your body then it should totally be excepted seeing as it's your body and hair isn't offensive! It's hair, it's natural, it's 2016 - lets finally get over it! FYI I didn't have an exceptionally hairy face (not that that would be a reason to shave), I just fancied trying it.

Anyway, mini rant over with! As it now been well over a year now, nearly two, since first shaving my entire face (minus eyebrows, I don't fancied looking like those scary photoshopped eyebrow-less celebrities pics that are floating around the internet) I'd share my experience and explain why I don't shave as often now but still dabble in it from time to time and of course the results of it

But why face shave in the first place

By now you are probably wondering why I first thought to shave my face and for what reason. And it's a good question, especially if you could see that in real life I have blonde very subtle peach fuz that you'd need a magnifying glass to see! But the surprising thing is it's not about how your skin looks, free from that minimal fuzz, but about micro exfoliation, how makeup especially base products apply to the skin and how makeup sits on the skin! So I guess part of it is aesthetics but it's not as basic as wanting to get rid of your tache - well it could be, but what I mean is there are other benefits to it. And you don't need to consider yourself a 'hairy' person to give it a go! 

Side note - When did body hair become such a taboo I wonder? And why is shaving so heavily linked to aesthetics for women?

But back to why I first decided to try it out! 

You see I stumbled across this beauty/fashion vlogger on YouTube that was raving about how amazing her skin felt from shaving her face. I mean literally she was raving about it, I wish I could find the video because she was seriously high on life about shaving her face - it was full on but she totally convinced me to try it out! 

It also made sense for the exfolation side of it, a light razor will remove dead skin cells, and of course I knew foundation would just apply better on my skin. 

My first shave & what I used 

On the advise of the video I picked up a pack of 3 eyebrow razors that you can pick up here for £1.97 from Amazon or only 99p from eBay here. To the touch the blades don't feel overly sharp but enough to shave off the very fine hairs on the face, however it's always worth taking care over especially around the lips and on the forehead where your skin is thinner than the rest of the face. 

For my first time I decided to use a light weight facial oil just so the razor would glide over the skin and worked very slowly starting with my cheeks, then jawline, around my lips and then forehead. This was totally easy to do and after washing off the facial oil and moisturising I was amazed and slightly weirded out by how my skin felt. Basically it felt baby soft! Softer than you can imagine your skin ever feeling (from the hair removal and dead skin cells removed) and it took some getting use to but not in a bad way... just in a "I've never felt my skin like this before" kinda way

Does the hair grow back thicker? 

My questions to you is - Has your leg hair grown back thicker in the years you've been shaving? I'm sure for most the answer will be no, and face hair is sooooo much finer than leg hair so even if it slightly thickened it would still feel ultra fine and there would be no full on beard forming - DO NOT WORRY. 

Two years on & why I've now stopped

Now I can't say I've fully given up shaving my face but I now only do it occasionally when I feel like it/when I can be bothered. Not due to any negative effects but because my skin isn't exactly transformed from shaving it but just nicer to apply makeup to. So I'm often lazy with it! For example I hadn't shaved my face for a few weeks however as I was going on holiday I did as I knew it would be nicer to apply spf to and makeup would just sit better on my skin in the heat. It's kind of similar to my relationship with fake tan, sometimes I do it, sometimes I don't! It's just something else to add to my constant beauy routine and sometimes I just can't be bothered. 
 I should point out when the hair does start to grow back you really can't feel it and it's definitely not stubble with a rough feel at all!

My advice 

My main tip would to be use an eyebrow razor and replace it every few months. They are inexpensive and most importantly gentle on the skin and won't cut! Also I would recommend using a light facial oil or moisturiser not rubbed in, on the face to make the razor glide and to go slow, especially around the eyebrows - you want to keep those bad boys intacted! Lastly if you fancy giving it a go don't think it's such a huge deal as the hair will grow back.

If you have any questions let me know! I love talking about face shaving and breaking the ridiculous taboo of what we should and shouldn't shave as women

 Fee xo.  
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