6 Books You Need To Read This Autumn + FREE Book Journal Printable


You know where you stand with Autumn. It rains, a lot, and leaves start to turn aesthetically pleasing hues of orange and gracefully fall to the ground. It's secure and kinda' cosy feeling. Okay, I'm romanticising it, but it's still a pretty lovely time of year! 

This is why Autumn is my favourite season. I know I can wrap up in a blanket watching TV with a warm drink, whilst browsing the internet for a new pair of ankle boots – girl can multi-task. It's also a time for fresh new paperbacks (ahhh, that smell!) that will transport you to an entire new universe or era.

As you can see I have quite the stack of new books that I plan to get through this Autumn and having gone off some pretty glowing reviews I thought I'd share my new books buys with you. I also saved quite a bit of money, £11.97 to be exact, with Amazon's current 3 for £10 on selected paperback titles offer. Hope you find a few autumnal reads here!


The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware
£5.00 Hardback - Amazon here
I mentioned this book a few weeks ago now as I was drawn to it by all the good reviews on Amazon. Come chillier weather I do like the odd crime mystery read, that won't scare me to death, but still have be holding my breath as I turn the next page - I'm hoping The Woman in Cabin 10 will be exactly that!
The story starts with journalist Lo Blacklock waking to find her flat being burgled. This of course leaves her unsettled and paranoid but when the perfect assignment comes up a week later for a 7-night luxury cruise ship she think it could only do her good to get away from it all. However on board she is witness to a woman being thrown overboard... the only problem - all guests are accounted for. As the cruise carries on with it's journey, as nothing has happened, Lo tries to find the truth whilst I'm sure questioning her sanity. Sounds good, right? I really can't wait to get stuck into this now! 

The Paying Guests by Sarah Waters 
£3.60 Paperback - Amazon here
Now, if you've been a reader of Makeup Savvy for some time and have an extremely good memory then you will know I've already read The Paying Guests - and loved it! However I went and bought the paperback version and I plan to re-read it. You see Sarah Waters is a favourite author of mine for being able to transport you back in time and submerge you in that era - generally the Victorian era. However The Paying Guests is set in the later time of the 1920s and tells the story of a mother and daughter forced to take in lodgers to keep their once filled and happy home afloat. Little is as it seems though as the daughter life takes some thrilling twists and turns due to her new friendship with one of the guests upstairs. This is a story of love, crime and history. Expect to be submerged into 1920s London with this brilliant sapphic novel!

A Man called Ove by Fredrik Backman 
£6.29 Paperback (part of 3 for £10) - Amazon here
Onto a heartwarming novel now by Swedish author and journalist, Fredrik Backman. These is something that always attracts me to Scandinavian reads, maybe it's there light hearted nature that always had an important underlying message, or the fact I sometimes fancy a quirky read.  A Man Called Ove tells the story of a basically grumpy old man and his daily life surrounds by (in his opinion) idiots. But there's something about Ove that's tender, wise and funny. This novel will have you laughing, possibly reminded of your parents or grandparents, and at other times, wiping away a tear. A charming read perfect for this time of year. 


One Step Too Far by Tina Seskis
£7.99 Paperback (3 for £10) - Amazon here
A typical thriller read here that I was drawn to from the 'If you loved The Girl On The Train, you'll love this' sticker to the front. One morning wife and mother, Emily Coleman wakes up and walks right out of her life. What makes her do it and how will she survive? And, no matter how hard she tried, can she ever really say goodbye to her past? Ohhhh, this sounds good, doesn't it? As I enjoyed The Girl on The Train I'm sure I'll devour this to find out Emily's secret!

The Little Book of Hygge by Meik Wiking 
£6.00 Hardback - Amazon here
Have you heard of 'Hygge' pronounced hoo-gah? It's having a bit of a moment right now in the UK! Until a few years ago neither had I, but when reading The Year of Living Danishly: Uncovering the secrets of the world's happiest country, the term kept popping up and I soon realised that Hygge is a very important thing for danish people and is a huge factor to why they are such happy people. To quote from this wonderful book, Hygge is about atmosphere and an experience, rather than a thing. It's been described as 'the art of creating intimacy', 'cosiness of the soul', and 'the absence of annoyance' to 'taking pleasure from the presence of soothing things', 'cosy togetherness'. For me it's the ultimate practice of self care and that's why I love it - Hygge is good for the soul! So this book is effectively a guide to all things hygge, from hygge in the home, hygge at work, hygge of course at Christmas and how it's enjoyed in summer, plus much more. This is truly a look at how to improve happiness levels and bring calm to you life. An ideal read for autumn. 

Behind Closed Door by Elizabeth Haynes 
£3.85 Paperback (3 for £10) - Amazon here
Lastly a novel from the bestselling author of Into The Darkest Corner, possibly my favourite thriller to date! Another unsettling read about the disappearance of fourteen-year-old Scarlettt Rainsford who vanishes without a trace during a family holiday to Greece. Only to be discovered in her home town 10 years later. Expect some dark scenes if you do read this as Elizabeth Haynes is known for her authentic writing style - which I love! I have high hopes for this book and can't wait to get stuck into it.

Free Fall Reading List

On to the freebie now, that I created with book lovers in mind! Simply print out to keep track of the books you read over fall/autumn and give them a rating! I personally think this is a lovely way (of course I would, I made it!) to track what you are reading over the next few cosy months.

Free Fall Reading List Printable (download link)

Psssst - It may look a little funky in the preview but I promise it prints out just fine!

Free Book Journal Printable

Really hope you've found some books here to enjoy over the colder months. Let me know if you end up reading any of these! 

Fee xo. 

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