eBay Review: Acrylic Makeup Storage... under £9!


Last week I decided with an overflowing and basically very messy makeup table that it was time I invested in some more makeup storage.  With two acrylic drawer towers from Muji that are as good as new 4 years on, I was tempted to have a Muji splurge... but then eBay of course came to mind! 

Which is how I came across this bad boy for only £8.84 including free UK delivery here! Yes, literally under £9 for the entire thing... and if I dare say, better quality than Muji storage?! 

Find my full review below including even cheaper options!


Now I'm pretty sure you can see this is an absolutely lovely piece of makeup storage and a total bargain but I thought it would be helpful to explain it in more detail, including what I will be using it for, comparing it to Muji storage and just how versatile it is. 

What you receive + delivery 
 I went for the 4 Drawer Makeup Case option here. This includes a single large drawer set with 2 small drawers and two large drawers over 3 levels. Plus a separate tiered organiser that fits onto the top of the drawer set or can be used on it's own, that includes a 12 hole lip holder, 3 back compartments and a large open compartment. 

As you can see this holds quite a lot of makeup for it's size. With the back compartments being great for brushes and pencil products, the grid being ideal for lipsticks and the drawers for neatly organising more makeup items. I'm personally using to use this to hold my every day makeup along  with my current favourite lip products. In the drawers in storing concealers, cheek products, foundations and eyeshadow palettes and singles - literally everything I need and more for my everyday face! Delivery is also UK based and took only 4 days for me! 

The quality of the acrylic really has impressed me, and comparing it to my existing Muji drawers it is actually thicker. I also prefer the little drawer knobs on this unit compared to the Muji cutout semi circle holes as it means you aren't touching the actual storage with makeup fingers and getting it dirty! The drawers are quite shallow but as you can see they fit a single layer of products perfectly. Acrylic storage in general is very long lasting but I really can see this unit lasting years!


With the top compartment being a separate unit it means you have the option of keeping it as a stacked tower or using both pieces separately, either for totally different things or next to each other. I will be personally keeping the unit stacked for space but as you can see both units next to each other look great. 

Also with non-slip drawer liners being included for all 4 drawers the organiser could be used to store jewellery. And the tiered unit could definitely be used for stationary - so versatile!

Other storage options
In the eBay listing I purchased this item (4 Drawers Makeup Case here). However you can find 2 narrow acrylic drawers here for a mere £5.89. 

Overall I've totally in love with this eBay find and can't believe a unit that looks this good and stores so much could cost only £9! 

My overflowing makeup table is no more! 

Fee xo. 

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