Ebay Haul - What I Bought in July 2016


eBay hauls really are one of my favourite monthly blog posts to write and this month I have so many amazing finds to share with you that I've actually been excited to sit down and write this! 

With starting an eBay Finds Pinterest board last month for all my bargain finds I've found myself loving eBay even more and that has meant even more orders! So much so I'm thinking I will need to start doing bi-monthly posts soon. But for now here are the items I picked up from eBay in July... minus the three amazing rose gold makeup brush sets I featured and reviewed in a separate blog post here


Nail Polish Ring Holder 
99p HERE
First up the most gimmick-y item of my haul but actually one I've been using! As you can see this is a solution for holding your nail polish bottle and keeping it safe whilst painting your nails. It fits any size/shape bottle and I much prefer holding it this with as a ring than balancing it in between my legs or on the arm of the chair (always dangerous!). It comes in a range of colours and is super cheap at 99p with free p&p.

Dior Addict Lip Glow Lip Balm Dupe
Shade #04 £2.24 HERE
Ahh, I love when I come across a good dupe for an expensive product. Of course I went off the packaging alone when buying this but now I've received it I can say it's a pretty great dupe for the pricey Dior Addict Lip Glow (around £24!) for both the packaging and the product itself. As you can see the packaging is spot on except the brand name Baimiss is on the outer packaging, which is fine by me, and I love the you pull the bullet out from the packaging. As for the product itself it's a colour changing balm that looks paler than it is until it's applied and then it turns a subtle juicy pink shade. It feels hydrating and non-sticky on the lips with a very subtle sweet scent on application that quickly disappears all together. Shade #04 is the most similar to the pink Lip Glow, however there are 5 more shade in the listing - I've already ordered the coral one! Really pleased with this find.


Concave Contour Brush 
 £2.19 HERE
On to makeup brushes now and the most unique brush I've picked up in a long while. I was instantly drawn to this due to the shape and now I have it in my hands and have used it I can say it's pretty nice. The brush is designed for contouring and with the unique shape I think it will take some getting use to but I can see it being great for cream and powder products. The bristles are also really soft and so far there's been no shedding of them! I'm sure I'll always prefer to use a flat topped contour brush to contour with daily but this is a nice addition that I so far cannot fault.

Rose Gold  Small Blusher/Highlighter Brush
Size D | £1.29 HERE
If you read my recent blog post on my favourite rose gold brush sets from eBay then you will have seen the full set of these stunning brushes. Originally I purchased just a single brush (you can buy all the brushes individually) to check the quality before snapping up the entire set. So this is the small blusher brush/large eye brush to the set and I love it! I often find I over apply blusher so this petite brush is perfect for applying a small amount of blusher and blending it out. Or to apply blusher toppers with, so I will use a matte blush and then using this brush I will apply something that bit more special over the top, either a highlight shade or a complimenting blush with highlighting flecks to it. This could also be used as a small loose powder brush for under the eyes/T-zone area, for powder highlighter or to blend an all over lid colour. With this brush and the one in the full set I'm pretty pleased I have two of them now! 

Rose Gold Fan Brush  
£1.20 HERE
Lastly for makeup brushes I picked up this rose gold/bronze fan brush which I'm in two minds about. Yes, it does the job of quickly applying bronzer to the face and chest area and it can be used to contour the collar bones however it did come tightly wrapped which caused splayed out bristles that I had to straighten and trim. The bristles are also not fully dyed with a lot being a grey shade. For £1.20 that's totally fine and I'll still be using the brush but generally from the high volume of brushes I've bought from eBay in the past I've never had any problems. I wouldn't advise against buying this brush as it's incredibly soft and it does the job, just be aware that it may not be in spot on condition. 


Chloe Faye Dupe Bag - Grey 
£13.66 HERE
Other than all the amazing rose gold brush sets I've been loving recently this Chloe style bag is hands down my favourite purchase from eBay this year! I umm'd and ahh'd about this purchase as I unsure about what the quality would be like (it's actually seriously well made) but having never bought a designer style bag off eBay before and with autumn kind of round the corner I thought I'd bite the bullet and pick up this beauty in the soft dove grey shade. 

On delivery (it came with DHL in under 2 weeks!) I was instantly impressed with the weight off it, mainly from the hardware but also from the thick faux leather that feels soft yet ultra hard wearing. Much like the Chloe Faye bag, which I should state is a crazy £1,200, it comes with a soft faux suede front, solid metal ring and detachable chain. Inside there are 3 good sized compartments and a smaller compartment to one of them. The strap does feel thinner faux leather than the rest of the bag but I don't see that as a problem. It can also be transformed into a clutch by placing the strap inside the bag and the chain can also be hidden inside the bag for a more minimal look - which I actually quite like. 

For the £14 price tag I'm 100% pleased with this bag and I'm now lusting after the burnt orange shade for autumn/winter as it's just perfect. As for the quality I'd say it's much better than anything you could pick up at Primark and is more the quality of Zara and Mango. Very pleased with this purchase!


Palm Banana Leaf Phone Cover 
 #4 Design | 99p HERE
So I went and bought yet another phone case from eBay... but can you blame me when they're only 99p?! This is a lovely banana leaf print that's ideal for rocking right now. Compared to the listing I did notice that the colours and print are slightly different, which is the first time this has happened for me, however I still like it and feel it looks good on my phone. If I was fussy I'm sure I could email the seller and receive a refund but it's only 99p at the end of the day! The case is also made from silicone which is my preferred choice of case as it's easy to take on and off the phone and most importantly it doesn't scratch like a hard case! As I own so many bargain phone cases from eBay I may have to do a collective haul post of them very soon.

5x Multi Hair Elastic Ties
#8 Design | 99p HERE
Another lovely bargain find here with 5 summer perfect knotted elastic hair ties. The listing includes 10 different styles but I fancied some vibrant ones for summer and these are just perfect. With long hair I much prefer these to standard hair ties as they don't snag or kink the hair, also they look pretty nice around the wrist when you're not using them. As for the quality I'm more than impressed and would say they are the standard of Popband hair ties... but with a £7 saving! To the set I'm loving the glitter and tie-dye one the most but they will all be getting worn over summer. I will also be picking up a few more styles now I know the quality of them. 

6 Mixed Festival Summer Bracelets 
#1 Design | 99p HERE
 Clearly good things come in sets and cost 99p because I picked up another bargainous set that I'm pretty happy with. Of course if you like more expensive quality jewellery then these bracelets won't be for you, but if you like changing up what you wear and having options then these are a total steal (also maybe good as a little gift!). The set includes 3 thin beaded bracelets in white, coral and turquoise and 3 more decorative bracelets, a rose gold white studded band, a metallic silver tassel band and a mixed beaded bracelet. The quality is as you would expect, much like what you'd pick up in Primark or find on holiday in a little souvenir shop but overall the look of them is nice especially just to throw on in summer or whilst on holiday. There are also 5 more styles/colourways to the listing!

Another amazing month of eBay buys if you ask me! Hopefully you've found a few bargains here as well!

Fee xo.

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