The Order of Makeup Application

How we apply makeup and in which order strangely interests me. You see, when I didn't really have a clue about makeup I use to slap whatever product I fancied on my face but in recent years I've found I now have a specific order.

This may be boring stuff to you but I've detailed in what order I apply my makeup and kind of look at what I'm using right now... though it does change often! Let me know in which order you apply your makeup because I know it's different for everyone! 


START - Lip balm - Skincare - Primer - Brow powder - Tinted brow gel - Concealer around brows/eyeshadow primer - Eyeshadow - Eyeliner - Eyelash Curlers - Mascara - Foundation - Concealer - Bronzer/Contour - Blusher - Highlighter - Lipstick - Setting Powder/Spray - END  

It really is easy to do your makeup any old way however learning things such as applying eyeshadow before foundation as there can be fallout from powder eyeshadow just makes sense. Oh, and remembering to apply highlighter after all cheek products so it really stands out and does become blending over the entire cheeks - an important one for me. Of course there are no rules but once I sussed out the order in which I apply makeup I found it not only looked better but I saved myself time! 

I'd love to hear the order in which you apply makeup in the comments to see how varied we all are! 

Fee xo. 
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