eBay Haul - What I Bought in June 2016


June was another good month of pleasing eBay buys! I picked up some amazing value brushes that are actually some of my favourites in my entire brush collection now! A few inexpensive summer accessories and I finally found some black exfoliating gloves for in the shower for only 99p! 


First up has to be the beauty stuff as I picked up three wonderful brushes that I'm in love with. I've mentioned them all in eBay Bargain posts but they finally arrived and they're amazing quality. 

Rose Gold Oval Toothbrush Brushes 
£1.14 small brush | £2.96 large HERE
As you may know I already own a few of these brushes and love them! The handles and look of them really are lovely and the bristles are beyond soft. I went for the smallest brush which I initially tried to use as an under eye concealer brush however I didn't find it as good as using a fluffy blending brush or my Real Techniques sponge. However I then tried it as a lip brush and was pretty amazed by it. I've never used a brush like this to apply lip products but it really does work and gives a perfect finish. As for the larger brush which really is amazing value for money, I've been using it as a large bronzer/contour brush to really good effect. This truly is one of the softest most dense brushes I've ever felt! My favourite eBay buys of June I think! 

Large Silver Handle Powder Brush 
£3.09 HERE
Another wonderful brush here and again an absolute bargain! This synthetic bristled brush is amazingly soft and perfect for setting the face with loose powder. There not a lot more to say about this brush except it's totally worth it and it's now a favourite in my collection.

Tender Lip Lipglow Lip Balm 
£1.61 HERE 
Onto sadly a fail eBay buy here *insert single tear sad emoji face*. I had so much hope for this product especially when it arrived with the gorgeous packaging and smooth formula. However on the lips the minty scent quickly disappeared to be replaced by one that was quite musty/mouldy, so awful that I had to instantly wash it off! This wasn't what I was expecting at all and I was equally as disappointed as I was disgusted. I was tempted to order another as the sheer pink tint was lovely however I don't think I will bother as I presume they will all be old stock - argh!!


White Pineapple Phone Case Wallet
 £2.99 HERE
I featured this in my Holiday Edition eBay Bargains post and decided to snap it up for an upcoming holiday as I always fear I may drop my phone while I'm away. For the price this really is a steal and very well made. As you can see the phone is housed in it's own case so it's very well protected and then the wallet is encased around it. The wallet has a handy magnetic close and a few slots for cards and money or receipts. It also doubles up as a phone stand perfect for watching YouTube videos with. I love everything about this and the listing contains so many different designs! 

Black Exfoliating Shower Gloves 
99p HERE
 Okay, so these are only shower gloves and I guess nothing special but if you use them you will know how grotty they can look in pale colours and how black ones just aren't available anywhere! So I was pretty pleased to come across a black pair on eBay for only 99p (what I'd normally pay, if not less!). These will look nicer for longer in the shower and are just a good quality as ones I've bought in the past from Superdrug and supermarkets. A must if you fake tan, get ingrowing hairs from shaving or have dry skin.


Go With Your Gut Book 
£7.79 HERE
A bit of a boring buy here especially if you don't have digestion problems! To cut a long and over sharing story short, a few months ago I had to take a coarse of strong antibiotics that really affected my gut and even caused anxiety (due to the lack of healthy bacteria in my stomach - who knew!). The side effects carried on long after finishing the tablets so since then I've been on a mission to get back to full health and stop my stomach pains - hence this book. I haven't made my way through all of the book yet but have picked up quite a few tips for better digestion and for general better health and have tried a few of the lovely recipes. Definitely an underrated book with a lot of good content.


Mirror Marble Print Sunglasses 
£2.85 HERE
I fear I may be becoming as addicted to cheap sunglasses on eBay as I am to phone cases and makeup brushes! But as it's summer it's allowed, right? I was attracted to these because of the marble print to them and the mirrored lenses... they just looked cool. When they arrived I was instantly impressed with the quality; really sturdy with zero imperfections and the print was just as it looked on the listing. These may look a little large on my face however I still love them and feel they're a quirky pair to add to my collection. Very impressed with these! Available in other frame colours and lens colours.

Rose Gold Watch 
£1.89 HERE
I also picked up a lovely cheap rose gold watch as I'm not an overly watch person and wouldn't want to spend a large amount on a watch I'd only wear a few times a month. My favourite thing about this watch has to be the brushed metal rose gold finish face with the metallic roman numerals, really elegant and not in the least bit cheap looking. The slim rose gold linked bracelet is also spot on with zero imperfections and quite a high polish finish to it. The back of the watch is also stainless steel - pretty well made for the super low price! Also available in silver and gold.

Other than the awful lip balm I'm super pleased with all my eBay buys this month! 

Fee xo.

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