eBay Bargains #52 - 99p Buys!


All items 99p with free p&p!

Moon Hair Clip HERE
A lovely simple hair clip here that you would expect to spot in Topshop or on the ASOS website. The clip comes in both gold and silver and in a moon or triangle shape.

Palm Leaf Phone Case HERE
I'm certainly over spending £10+ on a single phone case! These days I like to pick up a selection of 99p cases that are actually really good quality. I absolutely love the above phone case but the listing has 30+ more designs if you aren't into this one.

Delicate Fan Brush HERE
You can never underestimate the use of a fine fan brush, especially to use with powder highlighters. This will perfectly add highlight to under the brows, the cupid's bow and for precise application on the cheekbones.

Set of 6 Hair Ties HERE
I love these kind of hair ties and have so many of them all around the house because they are comfortable to wear and don't leave a kink in the hair! For only 99p I'm totally loving these mixed design ties and there are even more to the listing. I also found a listing with 14 more summery styles here.

Set of 6 Rings HERE
A lovely mix of midi rings here that are inexpensive and cheaper than you would find in Primark! I'm sure the quality won't be amazing for 99p but fab to add to existing rings and just for a bit of costume jewellery.

Set of 6 Mixed Bracelets HERE
Another jewellery find in a range of styles and colours in the listing. These are perfect for summer and can be worn all together or just a few. I love that a tassel one is included. 

Nail Polish Holder Ring HERE
How have I never seen one of these before now?! This is such an ingenious idea that would help me out a lot when painting my nails. From the look of it it fits all bottle sizes as well. 

Exfoliating Shower Gloves HERE
Finally I've found a pair of black exfoliating gloves that won't look grubby after a few uses! Exfoliating gloves are a must for me in the shower so I'm thrilled I can now buy black ones that will stay looking new for much longer. 

Layered Black Tassel Choker HERE
I'm currently loving the layered choker trend so I had to include this bargain find. It's pretty simple so it will go with most outfits and it's a way of trying out the trend before looking at more expensive options on the high street.

Now off to spend all of £4 on a few of these budget finds! 

Fee xo.

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