How To Discover Amazing Beauty Blogs


I've come to realise there are two type of people - people that obsessively read blogs and people that will ask you to explain what a 'blog' is. The latter are lost causes in my book (it's okay I can put that because they won't be reading this) so I'm directing this at all the wonderful people that can't get enough of blogs, especially of the beauty variety!

Of course there are now thousands of beauty blogs so it should be pretty easy to find more to get hooked on, but if you want to find new blogs that are updated regularly with amazing content it can actually be a bit tricky. So here I've detailed my favourite ways to find new blogs to enjoy, just don't go forgetting about mine, okay? :) 

Join in with Twitter chats 
Nearly 6 years ago now I came up with the idea of the #bbloggers chat and since then it's become extremely popular being used by makeup artists, brands and of course thousands of lovely beauty bloggers! The hour long chat (Wednesday & Sunday 8pm GMT) is a great way to learn more about blogging, connect with fellow bloggers and to feel all round inspired . It's also a good way to find amazing new blogs towards the end of the chat when you can leave your own blog link (if you have one!). Or you can even check up on the hash tag anytime to find some new content to read. You can follow @bbloggerschat on Twitter here!

 Check out the #bbloggers hash tag on Instagram! 
Okay, so I'm still going on about the #bbloggers hash tag but this is one of my favourite ways to find new blogs, I promise! I'm personally a visual person so I simply search for 'bbloggers' in the tags on Instagram and an endless grid of images from fellow beauty bloggers comes up. I then click on images that interest me and through to the bloggers IG profile and note down their blog to check out later. I've found so many new blogs to follow this way!

Browse Bloglovin' 
Another amazing way to find endless amounts of blogs to enjoy is Bloglovin, plus it's a great way to gain reader on your own blog. I've found hundreds of blogs this way and some are my absolute favourites now! You can browse by catagory to find blogs or just explore new blog posts and find bloggers to follow that way. If you like you can follow my private profile to see the blog posts I save on Bloglovin' here.

Click the comments of your favourite blogs 
Have you ever thought of scrolling to the comments section of your favourite blog and checking out the links of fellow readers? Chances are they will have a style of blog you will enjoy because after all they also love your favourite blog. I've discovered so many lovely blogs through the comments of A Beautiful Mess and Kate La Vie. Extra idea - If your favourite blogs accepts blog sponsors take 30 minutes to check them out, you may find a new read or two! 

As this post is all about discovering new blogs please feel free to leave your own blog link in the comments (I will be sure to have a look!) and why not check out the other links in the comments while you're at it! 

YAY for sharing the blog love! 

Fee xo.    

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