Beautiful Brushes You Need To Own


Over the years I've come to adore a good makeup brush and with the latest rose gold trend there's nothing better than a well made metallic brush. 

I now have quite a few in my stash that are all amazingly soft, stunning and do their job perfectly. So today I thought I'd share my favourites with you that I believe every makeup lover should own!


RT Arched Powder Brush (£22.50 - here
It's not often I mention or recommend higher priced items, especially brushes but just sometimes that extra spend is so worth it. For me the Real Techniques Bold Metals collection is the most stunning range of brushes on the high street and the highest quality. The Arched Powder effortlessly sweeps loose powder over the face and with the softer than soft bristles along with the weight handle for perfect weight distribution, powder will always look flawless and blended. This is now my main brush to use with my Clarins Mineral Loose Powder and as it's such amazing quality I know it will last me years!

RT Flat Contour Brush (£16.50 - Boots here)
Another beauty from Real Techniques here and in the most stunning rose gold metallic finish. If you're into contouring or even want to get into it then this is the brush to pick up for the job as the bristles are so densely packed and again the weighted handle makes you naturally use the brush in the correct way giving a perfect application every time. I also love the width of the brush, a perfect fit under the cheekbones to give them a contoured, chiseled look. A total gem of the high street.

Luxie Large Angled Face Brush ($16.00 - Luxie Beauty here)
Now I've made a bit of a boo boo here and included a brush you can only buy in the U.S but as I received it in last month's Glossybox I thought it would have been a UK product or at least available here... but sadly nope! So apologies for that. But if you are in the U.S then YAY for you having an amazing and affordable makeup brush brand in your grasp! I'm really hoping Luxie eventually come to the UK because this brush is downright amazing - ultra soft, perfectly shaped and just a joy to use. I won't ramble too much but if you can hunt this brush down (I'm thinking eBay) then get it - you will love it!


Zoeva Stippling Brush (£12.50 - Zoeva here
Years ago I had a wonderful stippling brush from Sigma that was ideal for blending foundation with but after years of use it started to shed and look ropey but then the beautiful Zoeva Stippling Brush came into my life! With the same quality as Sigma yet cheaper in price and much more aesthetically pleasing I can't help but love this brush - a lot. This duo fibre brush swept over the face in circular motions effortlessly blends foundation to a flawless finish whatever your skin type. I rotate a lot of foundation brushes but this is my ultimate favourite!

Zoeva Luxe Classic Shader Brush (£8.50 - Zoeva here)
One of my goals for 2016 was to master a perfect smokey eye and after watching countless YouTube tutorials I think I'm pretty much there! With a much better technique I'm now valuing what individual brushes can achieve and even a simple brush like this can really transform an eye look. I like to use this brush in two ways - after applying a transitional and crease colour I will use this brush to apply a bold matte eyeshadow all over the lid for a true smokey look (so striking!) or I will use it wet to apply a highlight shade to 2/3rds of my lid, I actually love to use theBalm Mary Lou Luminizer! This is a simple brush that packs colour on well and gets the job done.

Zoeva Petit Eye Blender Brush (£8.50 - Zoeva here)
Whenever I tried to achieve a smokey eye in the past I would always avoid dark brown or black shades as it would always turn into one dark mess for me. I realised this was due over blending and using too large of a brush but with my improved technique and this brush I'm now using the darkest shades in my favourite palettes that I once strictly avoided. This petite eye blending brush is the ideal size for the outer crease of the eye and with the ultra soft bristles this blends a dream without fall out. Another brush I really couldn't be without now. Note to self - Ask for more Zoeva Rose Golden brushes for my birthday!

If you have any rose gold/metallic favourites of your own do let me know as I can't get enough of them at the moment! 

Fee xo
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