The Makeup We Buy - A Look At What We Buy By Location


Ever wondered what people are buying when it comes to makeup? It's something that really interests me, but then again I am fairly nosey. 

Well the wonderful beauty obsessed people over at Beauty Bay have just conducted a study on just that; what we spend on across the country when it comes to makeup. 

One part of the study that didn't surprise me was that eyebrow products are now the UK’s top seller as sales soar, whilst old favourites such as false tan and lashes sales are falling dramatically, possibly showing we are an now an enhancing’ nation, and no longer about ‘faking it' - something I'm pleased to see!

Beautybay map

Taking a more detailed look at the Beauty Bay makeup map (the original map is interactive!) it's clear to see that after brow products, makeup brushes are extremely popular and generally the 2nd most purchased product by county. I think this shows the huge influence that vloggers and makeup artists have such as the amazing Lisa Eldridge and of course Pixiwoo with their top selling Real Techniques brush range have. Also as fellow blogger Michelle from Thou Shall Not Covet points out in the study, contouring has become and extremely popular trend which requires the right makeup brushes. 

I also has to look at the spending habits of Lancashire, as I live there, and was pleased to see nail polish and foundation (two of my favs!) are in the top 5 purchased products! 

Here are a few more interesting statistics... 

  • London is revealed as the biggest spending region, closely followed by Lancashire. 
  •   Liverpool ladies are known for their love of fake tan, but it’s actually Yorkshire and the North East who spend the most of tanning products. 
  •   Essex girls no longer go for the tan, with Northumberland and WAG inspired Cheshire topping the list. 
  • However, the ‘scouse brow’ stereotype still remains true: Merseyside officially spend the most money on brow products. 
  •   Scottish women buy significantly more foundation than anywhere else in the UK, possibly due to the lack of sunny days, whilst the West Midlands buy the least foundation, opting for au natural finish. 

 If you are interested to see the beauty spending habits of your own area then make sure to check out the Beauty Bay map - I found it pretty interesting! 

I'd love to hear what you mostly spend on in the comments! 

For me it's definitely nail polish and new foundations to try out. 
Fee xo. 

*This post was in collaboration with Beauty Bay* 

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