eBay Bargains - My Top 5 Makeup Brushes (all under £2)


Over the past few years some of my favourite purchases on eBay have been makeup brushes. I still love my Real Techniques, Sigma and Eco Tools brushes but brushes from eBay are inexpensive, something different and generally really good quality. 

So today I thought I'd round-up my top 5 brushes that are definitely worth buying and giving a go! 


Large Sculpting Brush 
£1.05 eBay here
 For the longest time I was after a fairly large dense brush to contour/sculpt my cheekbones with and I certainly found it with this brush. Ideal for both cream or powder bronzers this is perfect for laying down your contour and then blending it out. I personally like to use this with powder products as it's so dense and fluffy making it perfect to blend with. Also this brush is soooo soft... one of those brushes that you sweep over your face when you first open it kinda' brushes! As for the quality this is the most well made brush out of the five here (the others are fine, don't worry!) with a strong ferrule and chunky matte black wooden handle. I really cannot fault this brush at all!  


The Nars Dupe Blusher Brush 
£1.89 eBay here
As makeup brushes on eBay are so cheap I often pick up random ones that catch my eye and of course this stunning brush that looks very much like a much more expensive Nars brush grabbed my attention. With more than enough brushes I bought it on a whim but was more than pleased with it when it arrived. This really is a lovely unique brush with the wrapped handle and I struggle to understand how it cost so little! The fibres to the brush do look a little course compared to other brushes however to touch this is still a soft brush and due to the fibres it's incredibly lightweight making it perfect to apply blusher with as it just sweeps over the face perfectly... actually I don't have another blusher brush like it! The only negative I have about the brush is that the dye does run from it slightly when you're washing it, though I'm sure it's from the handle and not the fibres as I haven't noticed any colour change to the brush and I've had it quite a few months now. Not an issue as such, but something I wanted to mention. 


Another Precise Sculpting/Contour Brush 
eBay - out of stock :(
An actual branded makeup brush here from W7 that really surprised me and I just had to include. First W7 isn't a brand I'd think of when buying makeup brushes but in the last few years they have upped their game and offer a range of really nice brushes now. This appealed to me due to the unique shape and I knew it would be great for contouring with and it certainly is. With the angled and narrow shape of the brush this fits perfectly under the cheekbones and it just excellent for applying contour powder. This is also incredibly soft yet dense and very well-made. This ticks all the boxes for me. I must try more W7 brushes soon!


The MAC Oval 6 Dupe Brush
£1.10 eBay here
This is my latest eBay makeup brush buy and let me tell you, it's LOVE! This was another brush bought on a whim due to the low price and unique shape, but once I had it in my hands I was just blown away that something so cheap could be so well made. What I love most about this brush is how densely packed the bristles are, we are talking thousands and thousands of fibres here, which makes it such a soft yet firm brush perfect for buffing foundation into the skin with. When used with liquid foundation this gives a flawless finish however it does take some getting use to the new technique of not holding the brush on an angle. My only criticism would be that as the brush is so dense and deep it does soak up a lot of product so I make sure to dot the foundation  I'm using onto my face first and not the brush. I've already bought back-ups of this brush just in case they disappear from eBay!


A Perfect Foundation Brush
£1.38 - eBay here
Finally on to the brush that is in need of a good clean, oops! This is a dupe for the bareMinerals Perfecting Face brush and though small in size this is just perfect. With a fluid reservoir to the centre of the brush that you pump your foundation into this evenly blends foundation over the skin to a perfect finish. Again, incredible soft and packed with bristles so that it's firm but flexible when buffing over the face. As this is smaller than your average foundation brush I find it's great for around the nose and hairline and just creates an overall blended finish. You really wouldn't guess this brush wasn't from bareMinerals! 

If you are new to buying makeup brushes on eBay just avoid fakes and maybe start of with a few of my own favourites - I'm sure you will be as impressed as I am

Fee xo.

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