5 Beauty Tips I Swear By


Over the past year I've come to realise I love to share good beauty tips with you. Maybe it's my savvy nature but finding new ways to use beauty products is truly satisfying for me. Below are 5 more beauty tips I often use and love.

Dry, chapped lips? Try nappy Cream! 
For years and years I tried out didn't products for my ultra dry lips when Winter comes along. I found most to be too thick and not that affective but then for some reason I decided to try out Bepathen and to my amazement it worked wonders. I now slather the ointment over my lips at night as a treatment (because it's a unsightly white cream) and in the morning my lips are restored and hydrated. It's also a bargain at £3 and can be found in most supermarkets and chemists. 

 For whiter, healthier teeth don't rinse your mouth after brushing your teeth at night 
I'm pretty sure after brushing your teeth at night you either add water to your brush and spit out the remaining toothpaste or you swish your mouth with water directly from the tap. But guess what? We've been doing it wrong all these years! As we are going to sleep there's no need to rinse away excess toothpaste on our teeth and in fact it's good for the residue to stay there to protect the teeth further as we sleep. Not really a beauty tip but something that's super easy to do and does make a difference. 

To find your perfect contouring shade look at matte eyeshadows 
2016 is going to be the year I master contouring by watching endless tutorials on YouTube. But one thing that has already helped is realising that both powder and cream matte eyeshadows can work amazing well to contour with, especially when you find that perfect shade for your skin tone. I feel most comfortable using cream products to contour with so I looked around at cream eyeshadows and realised that Maybelline Color Tattoos (£4.99 each - Boots here) are the perfect formula and have quite a few taupe/brown matte shades. As for powder eyeshadows that are great for contouring with I've found the 2 brown shades in the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette to be perfect. If you have yet to find a contour shade that suits your skintone then looking at matte eyeshadows may be the way! 

Use translucent powder to mattify any lipstick 
If I had to name my favourite beauty hack of last year it would be this one. I may have only just discovered it a few months ago but it's an amazing tip that basically means that you really don't need to buy a matte lipstick again! After applying any lipstick, glossy/lustre or even semi-matte, simply dust over the lips with a translucent powder on a clean eyeshadow blending brush or concealer brush, this will instantly mattify the lipstick and will keep the lips matte all day long! 

Mix your body moisturiser with oils to create something new 
My last beauty tip is to get creative with your moisturiser because its the perfect formulation to mix with other products, especially oils. Of course you don't want to be adding anything to an entire bottle of moisturiser but mixing a few drops of an essential oil or body oil in the palm of your hand with a moisturiser is enough to change it into something new. Right now I'm loving mixing my Egyptian Magic Cream (£29.00 - Boots here) with a few drops of lavender oil to apply just before bed to relax me. But you could do with with an energising oil or even a body oil to make any moisturiser more nourishing

Hope a few of my beauty tips have been helpful

If you have any of your own 
I'd love to read them

Fee xo.  

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