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The term "eyebrows on fleek" may have been the most overused, not to mention annoying, phrase of 2015, but it did just prove how popular perfect brows have become!

I will admit I haven't got my eyebrow shape down yet, but I'm working on it especially with the help of a select few products. You see I've never had 'bad brows' as such as thankfully I didn't seem to care to pluck them in my teenage years (a blessing in disguise that one!) however I do have fair brows that look near on invisible without anything one them. So from the age of 15 I've been slowly working my way through every brow product out there! Here I've selected just five products that I've loved over the last few years that I highly recommend. 


Universal Brow Pencil by Billion Dollar Brows 
Boots - £17.00 here
If you are looking for an ultra precise brow pencil that looks effortlessly natural than look no further. This is the first brow product that achieved a new brow shape for me without looking harsh or unnatural. I opt for this on days were I'm wanting a thicker brow as the precise pencil that doesn't require sharpening is able to create fine strokes that look exactly like brow hairs and is such a natural shade. I also find the spoolie to the end also brushes through the brows and pencil to blend everything together. If you are looking for one eyebrow pencil then I'd recommend this out of all my picks in this post. 

WunderBrow 1-Step Brow Gel in Brunette  
Boots - £19.95 here
This is my 'brows ain't gonna budge for nothing' product! Yes, seriously this is the step before eyebrow tattoos as this stuff locks onto your brows and just doesn't move and is totally waterproof. This is also perfect if you want thick brows if you're experiencing hair loss or just sparse brows due to the hair-like fibers to the gel. The only downside to this product is the brush is more of a paintbrush shape in which you paint on the gel formul so you do have to be careful but once you have the hang of it you can experience long lasting brows that will stay put whatever the weather and literally all day long. Available in 4 different shades.

HD Brows Eye & Brow Palette in Foxy 
HD Brows or Beauty Bay - £19.99 on sale here
When I first got into perfecting my brows this was the palette I was obsessed with... actually I still think it's pretty damn good. As you can see this is a much loved palette which has been both used on my brows and eyes as they all make such lovely matte eyeshadows. I find powder brow products can often be the easiest to apply when in a rush or you just want to quickly fill in the brows and also look natural. I also love this particular eyebrow palette as there are 2 brow shades to chose from which is great if your hair colour changes with the season and you want to got lighter or darker on the brows. If you want value for money with both it's multi-uses and product amount then this is the best you will find! 


Real Techniques Bold Metals 202 Angled Liner 
Boots - £10.00 here  
As I'm on the topic of brow powders I had to mention my angled brush of choice. This has to be the most precise brush I've come across to use with powder products and is ideal for creating hair-like strokes with. Other than being such a precise brush I also love how weighed it is which really helps with grip and just how you generally hold the brush. I personally love to use this with the above HD Brows Palette but any matte brown eyeshadow shades also work amazingly well with this brush.

theBalm Mary Lou Manizer Luminizer
Feel Unique - £17.50 here 
Lastly I just had to include the most perfect brow highlight, because for perfect brows you need that perfect touch of highlight to the brow arch. theBalm Mary Lou is my favourite powder highlighter in general as it creates such a glow to the skin but this really comes to life when swept delicately under the eyebrow with a fine fan brush (both Real Techniques and Crown do great ones). Unlike pencil highlighters that require blending and can be on the waxy side, this lightweight powder naturally blends when applied to the skin and just looks effortlessly natural and glowy, it's also one that suits many skin tones. An all round amazing highlighter but one that certainly needs to be used under the brows!

I'd love to know your own favourite brow products! 

Fee xo. 

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