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Whether you're buying for the man in your life, a brother, friend or your dad it can be tricky to come up with ideas. Men generally aren't known for being materialistic beings and often buy what they want/need for themselves, they are also notoriously bad at coming up with gift ideas to help us out! 

So with that being said I personally think 'For Him' gift guides are some of the most useful to give ideas that are better than gifting rubbish gift sets or something they just won't use. Below I've tried my best to pull together gifts for all ages so hopefully you will find some inspiration here!


Moscow Mule Copper Mug (£7.99 TK Maxx or Homesense) 
Out of nowhere Moscow Mule Mugs have become popular, which I guess is no surprise with the copper trend at the moment. Even though I'd like one for myself, a copper mug is well suited for a man that likes to drink as apparently with carbonated beverages such as ginger beer the copper improves the taste by increasing how carbonated/fizzy the drink is! I don't know the science as you can probably tell but it sounds good to me. It also keeps drinks cold for longer and hot drinks hot, as well as looking good! I came across so many variations of this mug from smooth to hammered in TK MAXX and I personally think it makes a nice gift especially when paired with a few alcoholic drinks. 

4 Cheese Knives with Acrylic Block (£12.99 Amazon) 
Do you know a cheese lover? I know I do! Of course you could get them a selection of different cheeses to eat over the festive period and they would love you for it, but why not pair it with a set of cheese knives and/or a cheese board. This above set caught my eye on Amazon as I loved the acrylic block, but if you don't have a Prime account and it's too late to order you can find quite a few different sets at TK Maxx or Lakeland. As for cheeses I'd highly recommend popping to a local market to pick up a selection of cheese truckles as they are just the right size and they're sealed in wax meaning they will last months if the recipient doesn't want to dig into them straight away. 

Multi-Pack Waffles Socks (£5.50 reduced ASOS) 
Okay, so I'm including one of the most boring presents you can buy a man and I apologise for that. But socks are practical and can be a nice gift if you pick the right material/brand! These waffle socks are great, they are fairly thick and kind of a combination of a normal sock and a thick sport sock with the waffle texture. Also I know they last well. If you are going down the socks route these are the ones to get... they do also come in other colours and pack sizes. 

Wool Lined Moccasin Slippers (£12.99 TK Maxx)
If you are buying for an older gentleman (oops these are actually for my dad!) then slippers are great to go for. I personally think men prefer something more structured as they get older (no slipper boots!) and something that can be worn in and out of the house, maybe not to the shops but to wear in the garden, so they need to also have a good sole to them. Moccasins are great for that purpose as they are both structured and well made to the sole, plus they look quite nice. But if you are buying for someone slightly younger then driving shoes which again can be worn in and out of the house are a really good choice.

Ted Baker Skinwear Limited Edition EDT 100ml (£15.00 Superdrug) 
If you are struggling to buy for someone then a fragrance is an easy choice as long as you select someone you think they will like. One of my favourite men's fragrances this year is Ted Baker Skinwear which has been around for years but keeps coming back in a limited edition bottle. This years packaging is one of the best yet in my opinion and for the price doesn't scream budget at all, in fact this is just as good as most high end scents I've tried this Christmas. This is quite a manly scent however it's not too full on with a few fresh notes in there making it idea for the 20-35 age range. I think most people would like this scent actually!  

Paco Rabanne 1 Million EDT 50ml (£42 The Perfume Shop or Boots)
But if you want to play it safe then Paco Rabenne 1 Million it is as this is such a popular scent, in fact it's that good I know that some women wear it. This really is such a quality fragrance that is sexy and has depth to it. If you're man is after a new aftershave/fragrance this Christmas then this is the one to treat him to!  

Dolce & Gabbana The One EDT 30ml (£31.99 Fragrance Direct)
Lastly I had to include the luxurious Dolce & Gabbana The One as it's such a layered scent that is masculine but also oriental with notes of ginger and orange blossom. I also love that the scent mellow down after 10 minutes or so to be smooth with a hint of spice with the ginger. If you know someone that likes a masculine scent then this is the perfect sophisticated version to get them.

Beanies Mini Xmas Coffee Stash (pick 3 flavours for £10) 

If you know of a coffee fiend than a selection of interesting coffees can make a lovely gift. You can go as novelty or a luxury as you like here (for interesting lux coffees I recommend looking in TK Maxx/Homesene) and make up a nice bundle of different coffees for them to try out. After coming across Beanies on Twitter I headed over to the website to find a great deal on 3 jars of coffee for only £10 including delivery. There are a range of flavours to pick from but I went for Very Vanilla, Nutty Hazelnut and Cinder Toffee - yum! These smell incredible and make a lovely gift. You could also do a similar thing if you know of someone that loves tea by popping into a local tea shop or a Whittards store. 

American Candy Gift Box (similar £10.99 Amazon)  
A gift I've given over the past few Christmas' to various people in my family is a selection of American candy. You can now buy select American candy from larger supermarkets but it can be pricey and they don't stock lots of American branded chocolates. But you can head to the World Food aisle in a large Tesco store or Selfridges and make up your own gift box of Amercian candy or buy a pre-made box from Amazon. This makes an interesting and fun gift I think, especially for teens. 
Rubik's Cube Light (£18.00 reduced Flamingo Gifts)  
On to quite a fun gift now and one for children of the 80s! This is an amazing giant Rubik's Cub light that you can actually use as intended, as a puzzle, and as a light! I think this is totally amazing and for someone that use to have a Rubik cube as a child and would make a really good gift. I'm personally really impressed with the quality of this as the light is bright and it's much bigger than I was expecting. The lamp is currently reduced to £18.00 from £36.00 which is such a good price for it.

In recent years Marvel has made a huge comeback and there are a ton of Marvel themed gifts out this Christmas to satisfy fans of any of the characters. Here I picked up an interesting book about the history of Marvel for a family member that I'm hoping they will love. But there are so many gifts such as this Marvel Socks & Mug Gift Set (£7.00 Tesco) that really feel like a quality item. 

I hope this gift guide has inspired you if you were stuck for a few present ideas! 

This is my final gift guide and I can say even though they took a lot of planning I loved putting them together! You can find all my Christmas 2015 Gift Guides here

Fee xo.

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