Fragrance Direct Christmas Nail Haul


Last week I decided it has been too long since I'd ordered from Fragrance Direct, so I hit up the website and placed a savvy order of all things nails just in time for the festive party season. 

I really wanted to share with you what I picked up, especially all the glitter nail polish as they are all totally gorgeous and were such a bargain! I also picked up an interesting nail product that I'd never seen before so that also swayed me to write up this haul post. 


Essie nail polish in Sumit of Style and Pinking About You 
£2.49 each - Fragrance Direct here
Whenever I shop on Fragrance Direct I always pick up a couple of Essie nail polishes as they are amazing value at only £2.49 (compared to £8 everywhere else - Superdrug, Boots etc) and they have such a colour choice to pick from. As I was feeling particular festive I had to pick up some glitter shades as these are always my favourite from Essie! Essie Sumit of Style is just a gorgeous old gold coloured glitter that I know will look particularly amazing over nude and black nail polishes and just on the very tips of the nails. 

As for Pinking About You this is the most subtle light pink glitter that actually looks like snow on the nails! This will certainly be going over red manis this Christmas but also one I know I will use all year round. So pleased with both these buys.

Sally Hansen Complete Salon in Strawberry Shields and Cheery On Top 
Whilst looking at nail polishes I spotted some fab new Sally Hansen glitter shades and was lured in by the prices of them! I was instantly drawn to the wonderful cranberry coloured glitter that is Strawberry Shields, in fact it reminds me of a slightly lighter version of Deborah Lippman Ruby Red Slippers when paired with a deep crimson red base. I've already been wearing this over Essie Bahama Mama (again bought from Fragrance Direct!) and totally loving it and it's Christmas-y vibes. This definitely is a glitter that suit a deep coloured base for a vampy nail look. Obsessed! 

I also picked up Cheery On Top on a bit of a whim because I felt I couldn't just buy one Sally Hansen nail polish. This interesting shade contains a mix of pink, purple and turquoise glitters in various sized pieces and as I wasn't sure what shade I'd wear it over I took to Google and looked at a few nail swatches. From looking at different nail blogger swatches and reviews I will now be pairing this with grey nail bases and deep purple shades (probably Essie Bahama Mama, actually) and  applying a matte top coat over it as it looks stunning when mattified! 


L'Oreal Le Jewel Shaker 
This was the item I mentioned about never seeing before in shops or online, I'd love to know if any of you knew that L'Oreal came out with this product actually! This is basically an easier take on caviar nail trend with the little golden tube containing micro clear beads. You simply paint your nails, open up the tube carefully, insert a finger, and shake! Sadly I couldn't find any clear swatch images of the Jewel Shaker but I thought I'd see how I went with it... if the results are nice I will have to show you!

Rose & Co Patisserie De Bain Sugared Violet Hand Cream 
£2.99 - Fragrance Direct here 
Lastly I picked up a none needed hand cream in my favourite ever scent - parma violets. I've previously bought the glass pot version of this and it was total love but I can't say I loved having to dip my fingers into it to use the hand cream, so this time I went with the more hygienic version with a tube of it. This really won't be many people's cup of tea and only suited to people that love the smell of violets as this is incredibly scented and does linger for quite some time, but I totally love it! It also leaves your hands silky soft within a minute of applying it. Just lovely. 

Hope you enjoyed this haul! 

Have you ever picked up any bargain nail polishes from Fragrance Direct before? 

Fee xo. 

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